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August 12, 2022, 09:26 AM
Hi Gordon,
I like how you think!
Definitely we need to get our STORED VALUE, whether physical stuff, skills, knowledge, and/or experience, into the marketplace...
I think where a lot of people have problems is regarding confidence... People don't feel confident that what they know is "worth" something...
I feel like that sometimes too! So that's a (purely psychological) hurdle some of us have to get over...
I just thought I'd share that thought...
How does one gain confidence regarding their own skills, experience, and knowledge?
I'm asking less for myself (though undoubtedly I'll benefit), but for the "everyday" man and woman...
Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
Best wishes,

I took the spaces out of your post, so I can see it all and not have to scroll, just FYI.

Let me start with an old mantra you've seen since day one here:

And like much of my work, maybe it will have more meaning now.

Doubt is a shadow of our fear.
Confidence is a reflection of our experience.
ACTION is the revelation of our faith.

I call it the TRIAD.

One thing about Stored Value, it can easily be mirrored in PURCHASES. Or as I prefer, transactions. One can find market value in the transactions already being made.

I'll come back to this in a minute.

The TRIAD. There are no shadows on a cloudy day. So, an appreciation of the sunshine, seen in our positive mindset, as gratitude...is a good place to go.
Once we do something, we gain confidence in our ability to do so, like riding a bike. Or going to West Africa to sell things.

I taught golf in an unusual way, my first lesson was HIT THE BALL...and here is an amazing thing, kids, will keep swinging and swinging until they do...adults don't like it, some even quit or yelled at me for not doing what other golf teachers do; tell them how to stand, hold the club, and how to swing it.

I said, HIT THE BALL. Kids did it, got positive feedback, do it again only not so fast and only try to hit the ball a few feet...and they could do it, and within minutes, NOT having any idea of how to hold, stand, or swing, little kids were knocking the ball, foot by foot, down the fairway.

Adults, who brought their doubt, insecurities, embarassments with them, had a hard time with this. But once I gave them TINY goals, like just try to hit the ball 5 yards, toward a ball I had thrown down range...they could do it. Then 10 yards, 15, etc. Each added distance meant they had to take the club back further and further, and once they hit the ball consistently, THEN, I introduced the stance and grip and all that.

So ACTION was my first lesson, not instruction or HOW TO. Hit the ball. And I actually had a student who absolutely refused to do it, and she created a stink and her powerful and influential husband had a chat with me...and the result was, she got free lessons...from my young PGA pro, but I told him in no uncertain terms, I would NEVER work with his wife again, although he thought he could MAKE ME. NOPE.

I tell you this true story, because, we clearly see this woman came with doubt, whereas little kids come with ENTHUSIASM, and they start with action, which gets corrected by what happens to the ball...instant feedback...they see the results of their actions.

So the country club woman, used to getting what she wanted by barking orders at her "servants", came with hideous clouds over her head, the kind used in Apocalyptic films, and the kid came with sunshine in his heart.

The confidence the kid got from hitting the ball was reinforced instantly, and with positive reinforcement. It came from his EXPERIENCE of hitting the ball.

OK, back to the Stored Value vs Market Value.

A few weeks back, I ran into a guy in a restaurant wearing a tensor ring, which I commented on and he INSTANTLY wanted to talk about it, I was the only person who knew what it was...and he had been wearing it for a couple of months...Instant Rapport.

He paid, like 150 dollars for his copper necklace, and a quick look at ebay today, one would find copper bracelets, necklaces, etc. selling for 50 to 100 dollars and I belong to a couple of FACEBOOK groups, one has 18k members and we routinely see 100 dollar works for sale. So, just by having some awareness of this whole TENSOR thingy, I can identify potential markets and niches (women vs men for one, in jewelry).

Cars. A big market. Remember Corey Rudl and his CAR SECRETS REVEALED? The guy practically started the IM digital products revolution. His work can still be bought on Amazon. And a Google/YouTube search on car buying tips will trigger an avalanche of other works you can buy.

So, a car mechanic, or even a used car salesman will have STORED VALUE of their knowledge and experience. And by using SEARCHES, we see there is market value in this knowledge, we can even identify HOW MUCH it is.

Now we revert to a Gordonesque Concept; THE PARADE OF LIFE. Are there people today, who weren't even toddlers when Corey Rudl was storming the Internet, who are entering the car buying market? And we see that this is EVERGREEN markets, with several niches. How to buy a used car for your teenager. Just for example.

One way, we can BORROW confidence is by researching current market transactions and see that there are people PAYING for the information we have stored in our heads, eh? Make sense?

Knowing there are transactions taking place gives first, a confidence in the Market...a sort of proof of concept built in...it exists. It is there. And then we have to turn TOWARD the sun, so as not to see our shadows of doubt, and draw upon or borrow experiences of success from other parts of our life, and use that.

A Ph.D. in physics, just for my giggles, can borrow upon the hard work and success he had obtaining that, to apply to a face to face sales situation, of say, selling tickets to a comedy club.

A mental trick taught through the ages, modernized in works like Maxwell Maltz' PSYCHO CYBERNETICS. We can draw from our experiences in other areas and apply them to our current situation...a way of turning from the long dark shadow, and into the Sun, where the doubt is ovecome by other experiences.


The TRIAD is my shorthand for explaining it, the how to gain confidence in the marketplace for your STORED VALUE.

Is Gordon making any more sense these days?


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