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August 14, 2022, 01:37 PM
Give us the goods sir...tell us...how to make something interesting.

In fact, we can have a discussion of your favs, how they are used and how we all might benefit from your research. As I lose interest in copywriting, you are picking up the slack for us all.

How about your first 7?


Hi Gordon,

I miss the late, great, Bob Beckman...

Speaking of "secrets"... I've been compiling a list of what makes something "interesting"...

I'm now up to 26 different ways to make something "interesting" (though there is some overlap among the 26)...

When many people talk about creating a story, they talk about "conflict"... That's just one out of the 26 ways I've managed to notice...

How do I use this? I use it in my own writing... to make it more interesting...

Speaking of copywriters... I've noticed some copywriters use some of these techniques. Others use some of the other techniques. I'm not aware of anyone who uses them _all_...

The techniques of different copywriters are different (along with other "interesting" writers)... That part I find fascinating.

The techniques of a Mel Martin are quite different from the techniques of a Bill Glazer or a David Ogilvy! But they all "work" (and grab your attention)!

Best wishes,


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