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Dien Rice
August 15, 2022, 10:33 PM
Hi Gordon,

If there is enough interest, I might turn my 26 ways of what makes something "interesting" into a course in the future...

Some of these took me literally years to realize and understand!

One of the lesser-known ones is used by one of today's copywriters as the basis for a multi-thousand-dollar priced course (not kidding)...

Here's a different one...

It's revealing a "secret"...

If you promise to reveal a "secret" - ears perk up! (...Or eyes light up!)

I actually have an archive of "secrets" that I've come across... I haven't really used any of these yet.

I started collecting them for potential use in future products or promotions...

Here's an example...

What is the secret of living a long life?

According to still-working 90-year old Hong Kong actor Wu Fung, part of it is finding something that continues to motivate you... and to stay active doing that!

"According to Wu Fung, his secret to remaining active and healthy is to find something that motivates him in life.

"'Continuously working will allow you to feel even more energetic and useful. Although you’ll have to fork out your physical strength for filming, having to remember lines and interact more with people will allow your brain to become more nimble,' he said."

Your activity doesn't have to be in acting!

But I believe it's good (for your health and mind) to stay active doing something you love...

(I plan to never retire, health permitting, because I love what I do...)

He also recommends to...

Work with younger people, which makes you feel younger...
Stay active and walk more...
Eat more vegetables, less red meat, and less oil, sugar, and salt...
Eat soups, to "moisten the lungs"...
Drink a glass of warm, boiled water every day, to clear the stomach...

Below is the original article! It's one of many saved in my "secrets" file...

People have built whole businesses based on revealing "secrets!"

Veteran HK Actor Wu Fung Celebrates 90th Birthday; Shares His Secret To Staying Healthy & Active

Woo Fung on Wikipedia

Best wishes,


Give us the goods sir...tell us...how to make something interesting.

In fact, we can have a discussion of your favs, how they are used and how we all might benefit from your research. As I lose interest in copywriting, you are picking up the slack for us all.

How about your first 7?


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