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September 17, 2022, 10:21 AM
Not saying they MUST have them, but,

Graphs and Charts seem to be the one thing they all have.

When you present information in an easy to grasp, read form, which puts all the data in nice colored slices of a pie or, bars of comparison it is, I believe worth many paragraphs of text.

So, hone up on those things, with Data, it is often, SHOW us, don't just tell us.

Let us know more and when you have some create a signature file which takes us to them, OK?


Earlier this year given my data and analytics background Gordon suggested looking into selling niche Market Research reports. Since I canít get this idea out of my head I started looking around for more info. Didnít take long to find a number of examples and templates at various web sites.

Any references to or suggestions on what makes for a good report?


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