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September 17, 2022, 12:21 PM
Case studies are key from what Iíve been reading here. Add a few supporting stats in the mix and boom, a market research report.

Ha! Looks like Gordon has been role modeling market research all along. As well as Glenn and Dien for that matter.

Thanks for the help.

In the 70's, 80s and 90s CONSULTANTS made a lot of money (some still do), but the reason for HIRING these guys, was as often as not, so someone in management, who had risen to his Peter Principle place in the company...

needed a fall guy, in case it went south. See? It was the consultant's fault.

Today, data and analytics serve the same purpose. Analytics has infiltrated sports and almost every major league team has an analytics guy.

So, you want to SELL reports? A lot of your success will come from the copy you use.

But lets look at the two main reasons why biz wants all this data, OK>

One, to confirm their decisions.
Two, to guess the future, and if wrong, well it was the data's fault.

Eric, pay attention, I think you could have a gold mine if you set this up the right way.

Today, right now, it is about this HOLIDAY season. Some are saying it will be "muted", while other pundits say, a 13% increase over last year, a meaningless number unless you are selling the data to your boss, see?

All current data includes inventory, supply side, demand, INFLATION, and when working with numbers, as Little Finger in Game of Thrones told Tyrian, they obey what you want them to do, or something like that.

So as you begin to put together your reports, use the SowPub/Gordon backward chaining...start with the end user and what do they want.

When you come to understand that these are "consultants" at the ready to take the fall in case the thing doesn't work out, it is well...

Well they threw on 3rd and five when data says, with those running backs, a screen pass would work 67% of the time...all that non football nonsense they use these days to end up OUT of the playoffs.

Anyhow, data is used to justify the decisions already made or to BLAME future bad decisions on anyone but the guy responsible for analyzing it.

Does this make any sense?


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