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November 30, 2022, 04:28 AM
Thanks Dien,

(HEADS UP - Anyone who sends me a Private Message. I can't open them here. So Email me direct at Rentamentor@gmail.com)


I just Caught Taylor Swift Using 5 Invisible Strategies that all 27 of our Billionaire
Mentors are Selling with.

Despite no Hummable Songs on her New MIDNIGHTS album. 1.5 million sold in one week.

(EDITORS NOTE - I just wrote an Ezine with a LINK to Some girls Listening To The
Album. Where Taylors EMOTIONAL WORD PITCURES Made them SWEAT. They
got so hot they took off their Jackets and Sweaters.)

THE FIVE HIDDEN Psycho Strategies Are -

I - Trillion Dollar RAT REWARDS (B.F. Skinner Discovery)
II - The Word Whip
III - Carnegie Competition
IV - Brain Neuron Communication (Bypasses the brain
V - Dr Milton Ericksons Trick (Use 1 Person to Hypnotize the room)

And I Just used all 5 at Dinner with 2 Client Prospects.


I Tipped the college waiter a Pair of Wgt Loss Sunglasses, Plus a couple Lotto Tickets. Send lotto tickets to 4 cooks in the kitchen. Gave Both Guests a Pair
of Wgt Loss SunGlasses too.


2 guys - 5 Girls - HOVERED at our Table. Asking, "Can I take this empty dish away?"

1 Guest Bought my 31.00 meal

1 Guest Insisted on Paying 15.00 for my Gas

2nd Guest Drank his soup out of the dish. And then Literally LICKED the Coffee
IceCream Dish with his Tongue. (Me saying, "STOP. What would Your MOM say?"

I Might have Caused His WEIRD Behavior with all 5 PSYCHOLOGICAL Strategies.

Then I Just Watched.

The 1st Guy then Followed me to the Grocery Story. INSISTED on paying for $51 of Groceries.

I Finally Figured out how to GUARANTEE anybody can Use
this Stuff.

So am Typing away at 4 am.

Glenn Osborn
Billionaire Watching Club testing Ezine

P.S. - Oh yeah. A Photo of the Wgt Loss SunGlasses Plus the Above Story in an Email has been Successful at getting Phone appointments with Affluent Biz Owners.

So now we are using it to make Extra Dinero From Home.

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