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December 27, 2022, 10:48 AM
Thanks Gordon.

Feelings plus a date and a plan of action work well.

Plus making the plan bite sized chunks so you don't get scared by it - a friend of mine teaches "big fat hairy goals (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Tdmw0Jicjk)" and is currently motivating school children around the UK to take action on their goals.

Some have very detailed time lines, some use the Harvey Brody steps up a ladder, each step being a time frame (a week, a month, a quarter)...

I think more than 5 is too many "ideas" or concepts for us to handle, I argue that is why God gave us five fingers, to hold the cheeseburger in one hand and count on the other.

So, almost everything I do has a 5 element to it, or is broken down into groups of 5. Now let me address your friend.

I watched the video, actually, I've watched him before, and I like his approach. I love the great big hairy goals idea.

BUT...and as Lord Eddard Stark told his family, everything before the but doesn't count...but,

I don't believe the 3% club he discusses is my market. I have an opinion, the top get there, sometimes in spite of themselves. Being in the top 3% is a metric, a measurement of both opinion and some concept of success.

They tend to think in terms of winners/losers...the successful/mediocre...the haves/have nots.

A more macro, inclusive approach is: massive goals, huuuggge goals are relative to one's current situation and within the context of their past.

So, I don't want to work with those who are aiming for the top 1%, 2% or even 3% of achievers. They tend to be competitive and comparative.

I lean toward co-operative.

A person earning $150,000.00 a year, can probably scale that up by giving up a little free time and focusing on doing it.

Someone working in CircleK (a large USA chain of convenience stores) who will be lucky to hit 35k for a year...and those who have families, even if they have good jobs, but struggle to make ends meet...

I prefer to try to elevate them above their current plane of existence.

My very modest goal of $60,000.00 a year, or an EXTRA five thousand dollars a month for a small amount of time and effort...will have an impact on those folks.

There are plenty of gurus, companies, coaches, teachers etc., etc., who can help (for a fee) those AMBITIOUS people who want to "be someone", those who are motivated to be a top percenter in whatever they do, have plenty of choices and options to choose from.

In the Nothing Held Back group, a lot of success, some with BILLIONS of dollars in sales...and many in that group aspire to be a 3 comma or whatever they call themselves, they want/need to have that...and that is great. Best place to be online currently, if that is what you want, can't do better than Alen Sultsnic.

I choose to help those whom may not have the need/want but have a need to do better than what they are doing today. Those people who in a couple of years can have a small taste of financial freedom from "the man", and give them the tools, means and process to scale up to whatever big hairy goals they come with.

I feel it is an underserved market, no shortage of Dan Kennedys, Jay Abrahams, Tony Robbins catering to those who can afford to drop 25 grand on inner circles, private islands and personal coaching. PLENTY of them out here.

I want to help those who do not have the means (yet) to join those top % groups and I do that by actually using doable, reachable goals that can be built on, and allow those who may be struggling today, to elevate to the MASSIVE goal in their future...if that is what they want to do.

Anybow, I am in the top 3% of all guys named Gordon Alexander who were born in Akron, OH in the last century...not bragging or anything, I may be in the top 1%.

Gordon (I have no competition) Alexander

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