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December 26, 2022, 09:08 PM
Thought PICTURES, emotionally visualized continuously as reality, become so.

OLD thought from my notebooks.

Thinking. In pictures. It is what LOA folk might call a dream board, or a desire sheet. Some cut out pics of houses, cars, yachts, whatever and see those pictures, and some have a hard time closing their eyes and visualizing.

But you want the THOUGHT, (want, desire, goal) to be in a pictured result, if you want to lose 35 pounds, a pic of you, even photo-shopped to look thinner.

EMOTIONALLY visualized. Neville Goddard called this FEELINGS, and he has probably written about it as good as anyone. The feeling is the same.

In my Harvey Brody view from the rooftop we see the journey complete from the top of the building...it is the same as from the bottom of the ladder.

On the SQ1 POA, we see the start and the snake like action all closing in on the target, down the life line (future)...but they are the same thing.

The feeling is NOT one of having or owning, otherwise your subconscious mind quits working, thinking there is no difference in the feeling...one of the mistakes too many teachers overlook.

The feeling is more of gratitude and appreciation for the journey, not the feeling of having already achieved, what would be the point of making the effort if we just got the same feeling we started with...

And although that is the goal, the goal reached feeling has an enhancement, an aura to it, not present in the visualization.

CONTINUOSLY VISUALIZED. Routine. Habit. Maybe even ritual to it.

It is made in the material world after being formed in the ether world, or spirit world if you prefer. The picture is the mold, we pour our thought energy into it, and do what is needed to have it come down from up there to down here...as seen on the Master PictoGrigm of the SQ1.

FEELINGS is not only the most important, but probably the most misunderstood of all the LOA and manifestation ideas.


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