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Dien Rice
March 21, 2023, 03:04 PM
Hi Millard,

I haven't done much bartering, but I've participated in what they call the "gift economy"...

This is in some ways like bartering, but it's not really the same... It's essentially giving "gifts" to others... There's the expectation they may help you out down the line, but it doesn't always work out that way!

One case is where I helped a restaurant owner with his marketing, for free... I only did "once off" type of work for him, as I felt like it (not work that would require a continuous effort, because I didn't want to tie up my time). Mostly I created a basic (one page) website for him, and also wrote a few media releases and sent them out, and he got some great newspaper coverage. He had people traveling across town to visit his restaurant as a result of those newspaper articles!

In return, he did open up some business opportunities for me, which then led to further business opportunities and exciting business adventures... So it was both fun, and worth it!

Another case, which didn't quite work out, is where I offered to help a martial arts expert and expert in Chinese massage, with his business. I created a basic website for him for free - which listed all his awards and prizes, which were many! I later had a "frozen shoulder" and he managed to fix it over several massage sessions! But not for free... I was expecting he might give me a discount for his services, but no, I paid the full fee... He's very very good at what he does. But didn't "reciprocate" my "gifts"...!

So, that's the risk of the "gift economy!"

I still do it - when I have time (which I have less of now, with a small child) - partly because I enjoy helping people out... :)

Best wishes!


I have mentioned before my experience trying to barter for an iMac. Although I knew the local owner of the computer store which only sells Apple products, he did not want to trade my consulting services for a computer. He further mentioned that most of his customers were senior citizens.

In any case, I stopped looking to trade with a computer store owner directly and am targeting individuals directly now.

My goal is to trade my consulting for a nice iPad. I'm looking in marketplace in Facebook for iPads new in boxes near me and going to Macintosh forums and searching for iPads.

This is as much an experiment in bartering for me as is just enjoying the "hunt."

If anyone has done something similar, I'd enjoy hearing about it.

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