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November 19, 2006, 01:18 AM
Hello Don,
Thank you for your insight. However I sent you an e-mail requesting additional information on your tv guide program , and you still haven't gotten back to me. Can you please reply? Thank you.

I wonder Justin.....
Has Don gotten back to you yet?

While CS may not pay today, it will pay 10 fold by the relationships that are built over time.

The clients or potential clients that you treat with a high level of attention and respect will gain you larger profits in the long run.

Would the best approach be.......

Email me for further info!
Followed by no or a late response?

Or would it be better to as a client to contact you for further info and then send them an auto responder with the more info that they request?

I think that you (Don) should employ something similar.

An auto responder will free up more of your time as well as a prospective customer will get a timely response.

Plus, the only people that you will need to talk to are the ones that have thier CC #'s ready for you


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