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Don Alm
November 16, 2006, 06:06 PM
1) I don't like spending more than $1,000 on ANY program. THIS here program requires you to print THOUSANDS and cost a few thou to produce.
Which brings me to...
Problemo 2) You have GOT TO BE ONE HECK OF A "SALESPERSON"....to cover yer costs BEFORE you make any profit.

If you are promising a printed piece to be handed to each and every guest of a 100rm Hotel (for example)....with a 60% Occupancy....yer providing 60 pcs a day....a 30 = 1,800 a month x 12 = 21,600 pieces.

Now...to print 21,600 pieces of anything is gonna cost ya 2 or 3 thou.... which you have to cover BEFORE you can think about puttin' anything into yer pockets.

With my "Menu Books" program....I had to make 10 Books....with 25 full Color pages in them. Each Book cost me about $50. 10 Books cost me $500. My FIRST advertiser PAID FOR THE PROGRAM?

With a program I'm doing now (TV Channel Guides) my costs for a 100 room hotel is 50cents a room ($50 TOTAL)....and "I" am able to get $2750 from advertisers.

WHY get into something that's gonna cost ya an "arm ana leg" BEFORE ya make any profits (which is da name o' da game)

When my wife and I had an Antique Shoppe in Aspen, CO....our costs BEFORE WE OPENED THE DOOR EVERY MONTH WAS $2200. This meant, we had to sell $2,200 worth of merchandise BEFORE we could put anything into OUR pockets. We "got tired or makin' da landlord rich"....and moved down valley to a less expensive location AND....we could still grab the Aspenites with a little more advertising.

Same way here....you is makin' da printer rich.

Find programs to sell that "Make YOU Rich"....NOT your suppliers!

Don Alm
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