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November 22, 2006, 02:06 AM
Bill Gates is an interesting fellow. along with Donald Trump. Both characters I would have to say I highly disagree with politically and am seriously suprised that they act so rediculous in public. Trump tried to coin the phrase 'You're Fired' I mean who does this guy think he is. Also I was more than a little disappointed that Robert Kiyosaki was so willing to write a book with mr. Trump.

What am I doing about my dislike for mr. Gates? well right now I am typing this on a laptop loaded up with FreeBSD which is the UNIX operating system... and I no longer have a need for Microsoft Office thanks to OpenOffice.org

As for mr. Trump... well I never watched his crappy show. I thought it was stupid.

I dunno/ you guys tell me... I simply don't like people that act as if they are better than you and I simply because they got there faster or to a greater degree.

The perfect Donald or the perfect Bill would reach out and say... Hey man! If I can do it, so can you... just find your niche and live your life, leverage what you can... expect setbacks.. Instead... all we really get is "look how good I am THE MIGHTY ME!!! Look at all the computers I have donated or Buildings With MY MIGHTY NAME EMBOLDENED UPON THEM"

If you really wanna help in this world you do so by teaching through example... I have seen more sowpubs that speak true wisdom than I have ever seen come out of either Bill or Donald. :cool:

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