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Duane Adolph
December 1, 2006, 06:54 PM
Hi Infinigeek,

I think you hit the nail on the head when you called them "Characters" and said "they act so rediculous in public".

I believe there is value in their "madness" at the publicity value. I would put Sir Richard Branson's antics in their as well.

I wonder how many millions are theres as a result of these anitcs.
I wonder how many other real estate developers folks could rhyme off the top of their heads.

You mentioned the "Look how good I am THE MIGHTY ME!!!" I read somewhere this attitude was common in great Entrepreneurs, I know it was Dr. Gene Landrum that noted this but I do not recall which book he referenced. I think it was the book by Gene Landrum "Superman Syndrome"


I think there is a Lot to learn by their antics, heck there's principles to learn just from the fact that they are at the top of their game.

That said, they do Teach through Example...by SHOWING the World what they are doing in their businesses.

I Too have learned a lot from many sowpubbers. AND

I look for the underlying principles that can be applied in my specific situation ie. What Michael referenced in his post.

Thanks for replying


Bill Gates is an interesting fellow. along with Donald Trump. Both characters I would have to say I highly disagree with politically and am seriously suprised that they act so rediculous in public. Trump tried to coin the phrase 'You're Fired' I mean who does this guy think he is. Also I was more than a little disappointed that Robert Kiyosaki was so willing to write a book with mr. Trump.

What am I doing about my dislike for mr. Gates? well right now I am typing this on a laptop loaded up with FreeBSD which is the UNIX operating system... and I no longer have a need for Microsoft Office thanks to OpenOffice.org

As for mr. Trump... well I never watched his crappy show. I thought it was stupid.

I dunno/ you guys tell me... I simply don't like people that act as if they are better than you and I simply because they got there faster or to a greater degree.

The perfect Donald or the perfect Bill would reach out and say... Hey man! If I can do it, so can you... just find your niche and live your life, leverage what you can... expect setbacks.. Instead... all we really get is "look how good I am THE MIGHTY ME!!! Look at all the computers I have donated or Buildings With MY MIGHTY NAME EMBOLDENED UPON THEM"

If you really wanna help in this world you do so by teaching through example... I have seen more sowpubs that speak true wisdom than I have ever seen come out of either Bill or Donald. :cool:

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