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Sandi Bowman
January 13, 2007, 10:10 PM
Thought I answered this once but computer must've glitched. Anyway, appreciate the replies.

Phil, thanks for the links. Not what I had in mind but interesting nonetheless.

Millard, sorry to hear about your ice storms. No fun. Think I'd prefer that to what we've had, however. Still making do but improving somewhat.

The reason for the post was to generate some ideas of work-arounds for weather caused business problems. Thought if we all brain-stormed we might come up with some great ideas since we have some very original thinkers here.

Generator idea is fine but not for apartment dwellers with no garage. Even so, you'd have to store enough fuel to see you through since gas pumps don't work very well without power.

Be sure to UNPLUG your computer, phone line to your computer, and other peripherals because when the power comes on, it will surge repeatedly off and on and you'll end up frying your power supply or more despite surge protectors etc. Leave a hall light turned on during outtages so you know when the power returns.

Best bet, back up your data (off computer), more often than you think you need to. If your system fails or gets fried, you'll be mighty glad you have the backups.

A portable (battery powered) CB unit and a person to contact out of your immediate area, can be helpful for business or personal contact emergencies when power is out. Most ISP's only keep emails for 2 weeks on the server so, in event of major, prolonged, outtage, you may want to have someone else, out of the affected area, pick up and store your emails for you. They could also, if you give them access, post a message to your list or on your site stating the situation so you have less to sort through eventually.

Sandi Bowman

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