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Dien Rice
January 14, 2007, 06:22 AM
Hi Sandi,

Sometimes the power does go out where I live. When it does, I'm glad I'm usually working on a laptop! Since if the power goes out, the laptop battery automatically kicks in - and I don't lose any work.

Also, if there's lightning around, I can unplug my laptop from the wall, and keep working off of battery power. That helps prevent any damage in case there's an "electricity" surge - which can damage your computer. (It's never happened to me, but it's happened to people I know.)

I actually have 2 batteries for my laptop - so if one runs out, I have another as a backup. I've never had to use them due to power failure, I actually keep them so I don't have to worry about running out of electricity if I want to work in a cafe or some place like that. But I guess it could be handy in a storm too!

I like laptops... In fact, I don't even use a "desktop" any more! (My last desktop computer died some time last year, and I haven't bothered to replace it, since I don't really need it!)

- Dien

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