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Sandi Bowman
January 20, 2007, 02:10 AM
Guess I'm on a roll or something...LOL

Got to thinking that a modified version, or customized versions, of what you had there might solve a lot of problems for retailers who do a lot of wrapping and shipping.

I used to work for a retail store that sold fountains, artwork, just about anything related to the outdoors as far as decorations or wildlife supplies etc. I/we were constantly having to custom-size cut and tape boxes and wrappings for some pretty tough to wrap stuff.

There were several other shops in the mall that sold art pieces, canvases, and even high-end books that could've used the resources if they'd been set up nearby instead of risking product destruction by hauling them to another location through huge crowds of tourists.

Guess I just see lots of opportunity there.

Sandi Bowman

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