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Sandi Bowman
September 9, 2007, 02:24 AM
Thanks for the links, Michael. Knew it was a problem but didn't realize the full scope of it until now.

Y'know, I believe that our tolerance level to spying on us has been crammed down our throats and the advent of computer spying even in the privacy of our own homes and offices, was/is a way to break down our 'sensitivity' to being spyed upon.

How many folks can you point to who, when told a product contains spyware in it, shrug and say 'oh, well...'? I know a ton of them...and it's frightening how insidiously our privacy and security is being taken away...and our sensitivity to it even more. Familiarity breeds contempt as they say. How right they are!

Sandi Bowman

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