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October 4, 2007, 02:25 AM
With great dismay and the sadness of the kids in the neighborhood, I parked my Chevy van this year after just over 20 years of use with a mileage of 232,464 miles....same drive train (305).

If I invested about $4000 in a body job it would still be percolating down the road...and the neighborhood kids would still be coming around pleading to get a ride around the block in it. I really don't know what the thrill for them was, but I guess maybe they felt the nastalgia of good old North American vehicles gone by the wayside too...of course the way it was decked out may have had something to do with it.

I got broadsided in it in 2005 by a fellow that ran a stop sign....his foreign car lost the front ent with fenders and motor lying on the street...Chevy van suffered 2 small dents right below the side doors and a minor gouge in front of the rear wheel well....If I had been driving a minivan I probably would not be keying this in today....they don't make 'em like they used to!

I haven't totally put it to pasture yet....have it parked in the driveway and still contemplating on putting the money into it.

Oh yes...I looked at the new vans and later model vans, then decided to go with a big old great condition '92 Dodge one ton with a trusty 318...just like driving a Sherman tank down the road :o)

And seeing as how you mentioned China....I grumble and curse everytime I go to the grocery store for canned mushrooms. We have numerous mushroom farms here and yet you can't find one can marked product of Canada...just product of China...irks me to no end....end of grumbling....before I get into a real tirage about imports and job loss, etc..


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