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October 3, 2007, 11:00 AM
A story will soon appear in the Akron Beacon Journal, and when it does, I'll post a link to it. It is a story about OLD cars...not the collector's...like the 67 442 or 64 Corvette...

but OLD cars...

like Bill's Chevy Blazer with 367,000 miles on it. ORIGINAL engine, minor work done on it. Not the prettiest car in the parking lot...but it gets Bill back and forth to work and has for a decade...

Imagine if he were paying that 300 bux a month for a car payment or a lease...why, that's probably $40,000.00 out of his pocket he's saved over the years.

Anyhow, not every American made product is going to be replace by Chinese cheap labor..

in fact, with some help, from people like a Harvey Brody...the future for many American manufacturers is bright...if they can listen and act.

367,000 miles on a Chevy Blazer...and mine only had 175,000 (the red one, for those who saw it) on it when I felt the need to part ways (Actually the engine and drive train were fine...I did'nt care for seeing the pavement beneath my feet as I was driving down the road...YIKES

gja Rooting for the American Manufacturers to step to the plate and give us something to cheer about.

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