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January 30, 2010, 11:15 PM
Dear Dien,

Thanks for raising the "salty factor" that Steve Jobs and Apple use so well.

As you know...

I've been interviewing self made entrepreneurs for 20 years or so and ONE LADY went to Reed College with Steve Jobs.

Sort of...

Steve quit after 6 months.

Check out Steve's Speech he gave at Stanford:


She told me that Steve decided NOT to spend his adopted parents money for college courses that HE DECIDED were worthless. So he slept on friends dorm floors and lived by his wits - 18 months. (Although he did audit some classes - like caligraphy.)

When he and Woz (Wozniac) needed money - Woz would INVENT something. And Steve would go sell it to a CEO.

How Did A Barefoot Hippy Like Steve Get in To See CEO's?

She says that Steve was mesmerizing in person.

HOW Hypnotic was he?

She watched him walk up and down the hallway outside CEO's offices. Stopping men to measure their shoe size. When he found a foot the same size as his Steve CONVINCED the guy to LEND HIM HIS SHOES.

Steve went in and made the sale to the CEO.

Then came back and returned the shoes!

Woz was the Tech Wiz.

Steve was the Sales Genius.

SO - I Just Watched Steve's "Salty" Introduction of the iPad - Performance

I noticed something "SALTY" and Hypnotic that Steve did Over and Over - all thru his presentation.

Here are his EXACT 1st words - for Example...

“We Want to kick off 2010 by Introducing a truly Magical and Revolutionary Product Today...

...”But Before WE GET TO THAT I Have Just a few Up-Dates.”

250 Million iPods Sold
284 Retail Stores - 50 million visits last quarter
APP Store - 140,000 applications - 3 billion apps sold in 18 months
Apple has grown to 15.6 billion in revenue. 50 Billion gross sales.

How Does Apple Stack Up Beside 3 Bigger Companies as far as Mobile Device Sales? Sony, Samsung, Nokia.

APPLE's Mobile Device Biz is BIGGER.

"Salty" - Cliffhanger SUMMARY -

I - Steve's 1st Sentence is a CLIFFHANGER... like the old time Movie Serials or The "Who Shot JR" TV Show - he leaves you PANTING for more!

II - While he has Us on a Knife Edge of ANTICIPATION... Steve quickly Credentials APPLE COMPUTER. (TRUST is key to their sales.)

III - Then FOCUSES our Attention on the One Area where Tiny little Apple is BIGGER than it's GIANT competition.



At last - he begins to show us the Benefits of the iPad.

Funny but...

J.K. Rowling author of Harry Potter

James Patterson - author of 39 #1 New York times Best sellers

Stephen King - horror novel writer

John Grisham - Best selling courtroom novel author

Chicken Soup for the soul - books by Mark Victor Hanson/Jack Canfield

EXACT Same "Salty" or Cliffhanger Approach.

Steve Jobs does it BIGGER.

But it's the exact same Emotional Strategy.

Pardon my Excitement. I'm in the middle of writing a new "HOW-TO-Book. And I was really Excited to see Steve Jobs using the Exact same tactic as the #1 Copywriters and #1 Book authors I'm using as Writing Template Guides.

I've Added Steve Jobs BIG Application of the "Salty Cliffhanger" idea to my new "UGLY COPYWRITING Manual".

The difference btwn the 1st Sentence of a #1 Best Selling Novel and all the other "UNsalted" Ordinary books is simply CRAZY.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - If You wanna' See "Salty" in action...Check out this auction. The 4000 yr old Exercise I use to Energize myself plus Get Rid Of My Arthritis before I type...

http://cgi.ebay.com/Why-I-Use-A-4000-Yr-Old-Exercise-To-Take-Away-Pain_W0QQitemZ120524855913QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_De faultDomain_0?hash=item1c0fd75a69#ht_6925wt_1167

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