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April 20, 2010, 11:21 PM
(it's not the typical membership site)...

A very, very simple membership site. It only does one thing. People sign up to be a member (pay), then all they get for their membership is the ability to show OTHER PEOPLE that they are a member(!) -- they get a profile page with a photo (they upload) + a basic paragraph about them (they write) that also says they are a member.

Note: The person pays, signs up/registers, gets user id + password -- which allows them to create + edit their profile page (write title, description, upload photo, save). The profile page (once created) has its own unique url which can be seen by ANYONE (not just members). This unique url can be emailed, etc. as a link that can be viewed by anyone. ALSO, members *and* NON-members should be able to see (browse) all profile pages without any login.

That's it! They can email their profile page (unique page/url) to other (non-members) -- their friends, family, co-workers, etc. The entire membership site does nothing more than that.

Note: The members DO NOT 'interact' with each other! They cannot communicate with each other. Members can SEE the profile of others (as can NON members (public)) -- but they cannot CONTACT each other.

Please pm me with any recommended, reliable, not TOO expensive programmer who can do the above project.


-- TW

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