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May 12, 2010, 03:29 PM
Gas averages 2.94 a gallon today here in Palm Beach County FL.

July 4 in the USA is peak travel, and perhaps, peak gas prices. Please tell us what your average gas price is in your county today or this week
and give us your estimate for the July 4 weekend, OK?

We'll see how we do.

Some say BP and the others will keep prices LOW to keep attention off of Gulf of Mexico spill. Others think it will skyrocket to 4 bux a gallon again.

I'm going to guess gas will be around 3.69 a gallon here in FL.

The price of gasoline during the summer months has impact on many industries including tourism and destination vacations.

Do you think the oil spill have an impact on the Gulf coast tourist industry in July?

OK, prognosticate away.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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