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September 14, 2010, 03:04 PM
This is my final post regarding the teachings of Harvey Brody. This past week I've reviewed my copious notes and listened to hours and hours of recorded phone calls with Harvey.

I'm going to give you, in my opinion, the essence of his teachings. With just the "essence" in your arsenal, you could achieve incredible heights.

But before I do, this past summer I've worked with more people DIRECTLY than at any other time in my career. Wannabe copywriters, would be marketers, people creating information products and several other niches of people.

What I CONFIRMED, what I "knew" going into the summer, what these people stamped with a definite "you're right"...

was/is the truth of Harvey Brody's "essence" which I'm about to share.

Harvey has many great "metaphors" for teaching,

The Rooftop View which is what I'm going to discuss this one final time.
The Classic Take Off.
The plane on the runway (like MeatLoaf sings, "all revved up and no place to go")
Iron filings and magnets

And many other illustrative ways to drive home his points.

But, in listening to the many hours of our talks, in reviewing my copious notes, in "perspecting" (me and S. Palin) his teachings with that of other MASTERS I've worked with...

I believe the "View from the Rooftop" is the most essential piece, which stands alone, and when fully understood and comprehended, will put you on auto pilot to your goals.

From the Roof Top you can see more things than you can from the ground. The higher the roof the more you see.

That VIEW is your completed goal. It is the "finish line" for a project, it is the "mission accomplished".

And you need to see it very clearly in great detail. You have to know what you are looking at.

On the side of the building is a ladder. The top rung on the ladder is the "STEP OFF" rung. You will step off the ladder and onto the roof top. Beneath that rung is another one, then another and another all the way down to the bottom.

The higher the "goal" or roof, the more rungs you will have.

IF you build the ladder from the top down, and when you are standing at the bottom (beginning) looking up...you know exactly what you have to do.

ONE rung at a time takes you all the way to the top and achievement.

This THINKING is, again, my opinion, what separates Harvey Brody from so many of the "gurus" and even other success. He OUTTHINKS almost everyone I know or have worked with.

NOW. As mentioned, this past summer I've worked with more people directly than at any other time in my life.

And NOT one, not a single one of them were able to give me the view from their rooftop, what the step off rung looked like and what the rungs on the ladder represented.

I often start by asking people what the end result will be in four years. Why 4?

Because every college gives you a four year plan which leads to the goal of getting your degree. Tens of thousands of dollars spent, but this plan guarantees you the result if you follow it. Sure, you need to make some adjustments but the overall plan...

Take X number of credits, PASS the class and end up with XXX credits and you get a diploma. It is a plan that has worked for tens of thousands of people every year.

Yet, when I ask a noob copywriter what his copywriting life is going to look like in four years I'm met with huge amounts of silence.

OR, when I ask someone who is developing an INFORMATION product the "step off rung" questions"...QUESTIONS which should have been answered at step one...they are unable to tell me what those are.

So, my intense direct work sessions this past 90 days has confirmed what I already knew.

FEW. Very few.

DANG few. Smallest percentages.

Hardly any....

Have a clear view from the roof top and have put the rungs down on paper so they know where they are at on the climb to the top.

I wish I could share the many hours of telephone conversations I've had with Harvey, and hopefully, he'll be sharing his wisdom and decades of successful experiences with you soon...


In my opinion, using the ROOF TOP methodology, is the "essence" of Harvey Brody teachings and the fact that so few actually do use it reflects the percentages of people who get established once and for all and those that continuously struggle to make their dreams come true.

The VIEW from the rooftop should be the exact same view as you have in your mind at the bottom of the ladder.

And the rungs represent a literal step by step approach to reaching the top.

OF course there are nuances and application of the other "lessons" which Harvey teaches, but these are mostly for dealing with the inevitable "detours", or rungs that have rotted out, or when "stuff happens".

They are the techniques used to get you back on the ladder and one rung closer to the top.

If you are developing an Information Product, the step off rung would be when you have it available for sale and people start to buy it.

It would include the HOW is the prospect going to become a customer? How will they transfer money to you? How will they pay?

How will they receive the product? Where will it be kept?

So the view from the roof top might look like a person has rec'd and read and are HAPPY and satisfied with, say, a Specialized Report like "The Chattel Report".

I'll need a place for the download (web site). A way to pay (paypal). The report itself (edited and polished or reviewed).

The promotion for the product (web site copy).
Traffic, targeted eyeballs to look at the promotion.
The scratch to their itch.
A niche with desire.

The view from the roof top while standing on the ground....

NET result; an A to Z, soup to nuts, A,B,C line by line, step by step PLAN which if followed, will automatically lead to the roof top.

There you go. Thanks to Harvey Brody for his several years of mentoring me and the many hours spent on the phone trying to pound these winning concepts into my cement filled mind.

Some of it got through.

So, the FINAL question I'd have for you all is, what is the view from your Roof Top?

See it clearly and build your rungs from the top down and you have an unbeatable "system" which has proved successful for over 5 decades in the real world where the rubber meets the road.

Gordon Alexander

PS. Although it is, in my opinion, the ESSENCE or the essential piece to the puzzle, it is, by no means, the only "secret" which Harvey Brody shared with me. His MAGNET and Iron secret has been worth tens of thousands of dollars to me too.

PSS. I don't know anything about Harvey's current plans, if any, for releasing a "legacy" product. So, now you don't have to ask me, OK?

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