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Dien Rice
May 26, 2012, 02:27 PM
My apologies to you guys, makes me think twice before posting another link...

Now, as in how could you tell something's wrong with a link, that is what I really would like to know for future reference?
Hi Eva,

I don't think you need to get too worried about it, after all, it's not your fault... It's unfortunately a current hazard of free downloadable software...

As I said, I use some free downloadable software - but I have to be super-duper-careful when installing it, as for some (not all) free downloadable software, they do all they can to "trick" you...

Thanks for having shared the link, because I'm sure there's good stuff there, too... (People just have to remember to be super-cautious with the "downloads" - the "hosted" stuff should be okay... That's not with just that link - it's something to be careful about with all free downloadable software nowadays...)

Best wishes,


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