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Dien Rice
June 6, 2012, 01:20 AM

Thanks for a good lesson on domain names and amount of searchers.

I just checked the following two phrases for searchers.

"Of The Month" has 11 million searchers
"Of The Month Club" has 1 hundred sixty thousand.

Quite a difference.

But the one with club would most likely be more targeted. I did not search your niche club and I would do that first before I decided on a domain name.
Hi TW,

To add to what Skip said, if both are available, and if it's important enough to you, I would register both.

For example, if your idea is a (say) "doohickey of the month club", and if




were both available, I'd register them both. (Why leave the other domain available for a potential competitor?)

Best wishes,


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