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April 30, 2021, 12:43 PM
This week I've had to delete several members who can't follow the rules and tried to spam the forum.

Links are allowed, in fact, encouraged. But so is participation.
Drive by links, get deleted quickly along with the members new account.

Now this example is on the line, but not over it. The idea, that of simply adding CLUB to an url, is good advice, or worth a test. And it could lead to a bigger and better discussion.

Being a part of something is one of the FORBIDDEN KEYS I refer to so often here in the Blair Warren work. About 30 years ago, I wrote and offered one of the pre www reports on the Usenet and online groups of the time...called; HOW TO START A CULT FOR FUN AND PROFIT

And the basis of that work was found in an old 1930's book about starting CLUBS. I saw a lot of similarities so, wrote a modern version about CULTS.

I used a Ben Suarez method he used, when he republished an old book on VERMONT FOLK MEDICINE, a popular 50's book. You'll find mention of it in the archives.

Words make a difference. Institute implies learning, as in the A.W.A.I group for American artists, writers and wonder if someone started the International Writers and Artists CLUB could tap into that market? Probably.

I belong to a few groups, clubs, ALLIANCES, memberships and in each of them there is an undercurrent of belonging attitude to something...kind of fun to watch older members become snarky with newbies...just a fact of life.

So, if you, like Dien are exploring url and domains, write out several variations with the whole 'BELONGING to a _____' AND maybe create some gold.

sowpubclub sowpuballiance sowpubinstitute sowpubschool sowpubsociety

syndicate, society, fellowship, fraternity, sorority, posse

All of those are forms of JOINING, or participating.

Now a savvy marketer like Dien, will target the avatars/audience knowing via testing which type of group his target would prefer... Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, Klan, Club, and on the other side; parties, brigades and factions.

I think a domain flipper might test out these variations and with a little content in the direction of the bias, a faster, bigger dollar sale could emerge.

Anyhow, feel free to post a link, just don't join and in an hour spam the place, cause you will be gone before the day is over, guaranteed.


I know this is an older thread, but yes, I do believe the domain name has a big impact on the SEO for that website. If you can get both domain names as the others have said, the better. However, there are limited versions of "ofthemonth" type domains these days. Adding "club" to a subscription company has similar effects.

For example, the company I work for is Gold Medal Wine Club. Years and years ago we changed our URL to include "club" and it has so far been a smart move!



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