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February 24, 2014, 08:21 PM
Welcome to the forum. Is the company you work with a straight direct sales company or does it also pay affiliate commissions on several levels if you recruit other independent sales reps?

If it utilizes a Network Marketing compensation plan then here's a phone app that can help you to recruit more people. It's a tax app that helps distributors keep track of their expenses and calculates tax savings.

So if you talk to someone who already has a day job and is open to earning via a part time business of their own.. this app will show them how they can give themselves an immediate pay raise!


It has a 7 day free trial then it's $4 per month.

Many people who never recruited anyone before end up recruiting several people the first day they use it.

The guy who sells it is making a fortune not by recruiting for a Network Marketing company but by selling picks and shovels to the millions of existing Network Marketers who buy anything that can help them and this is one tool that lives up to it's claims.

Now image having 500,000+ people from the 1000+ Network Marketing deals paying you $4 per month!

Like the Gold Rush Days of the 1800's... most of the gold diggers failed to strike it rich but those who set up shops to sell them the tools they wanted made some handsome profits!
The companies themselves aren't filling the desire for quality tools very well which creates a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to create and market tools to this huge market!



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