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Dien Rice
March 14, 2014, 10:55 AM
LOL - Dien - the best dances/events I've been to in a long time feature Scottish Country Dance Bands or Ceilidh Bands ... two seconds and the dance floor's full :)

Hate discos.
Hi Margaret,

Those dances sound like fun!

As for discos... I always hated those too!

I have a particularly excruciating memory of a high school disco moment...

I was at an eighth grade dance. It was getting near the end of the night... And Karen, a girl I liked, was dancing.

I wanted to dance with Karen, even though she barely knew I existed... Yet, time was running out. The night would soon be over!

Finally, it was the last dance of the night. The last chance to dance with Karen. Maybe she would notice me!

I just had to overcome my shyness!

The last song they played was... "The Time Warp" - from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" movie.

I've never watched the movie, but the "Time Warp" dance has specific moves...

So, as the song started, I tried to dance near to Karen. I tried to copy all the moves everyone else was making!

It didn't matter how silly and stupid I might feel (and look)...!

Karen didn't really seem to notice me... Or seemed to turn to face another direction!

But, I still tried. Still copying everyone else's moves... Looking less like a John Travolta, and more like an inflatable wind dancer...


Well, the song was over. I failed to achieve my goal of getting Karen's attention...

Then, I looked up.

There was my father, standing, waiting to pick me up, and watching me!

I felt so embarrassed... Dancing (like an idiot, I thought), in front of my father who I had so much respect for...

I hoped he didn't think I looked too much like an idiot!

Well... Let's say, discos were never my thing! :)

Best wishes,


P.S. I never did get Karen's attention. The next year, she transferred to another school. I hope my "Time Warp" dance didn't have something to do with it...

P.P.S. Here's some video help, for anyone who wants to dance the "Time Warp"!


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