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Don Alm
January 30, 2015, 06:48 PM
Wow! Because I have a BIG Interest in using Videos to earn me a "Monthly Income".....I just stumbled onto 2 Niches I had not thought of until a buddy told me he was looking for a "Cheap Used Car".....in his town, for one of his kids. (He was also looking for a way to earn money)

He Googled, "Cheap Used Cars in (Town)" and found that ALL the listings on Page 1 were "Text"......NO Video Thumbnails. So.....I had my Video guy make up a 60 sec Video Promo and uploaded it to YT and.....when it got onto Page 1 for that KeyWord......he asked 4 Used Car Lot Owners if they'd like to "Get More Traffic To Their WebSite".

He told all 4 to Google the KeyWord to see what comes up. (The Video was ALREADY DONE and Ranked)...and...he told each that he had contacted 3 other Used Car Lots and.....the First One who agrees to pay the Fee.....Gets It.

Well.....needless to say....he Rented it.....quickly....and set off on a "New Adventure" he had never thought of.

And.....another buddy was looking for an Apartment to Rent in his town for one of his kids and.....Googled "Cheap Apartments For Rent in (Town)" Found that ALL listings for that Keyword were "TEXT" and so.....I put together a 60 sec Video with a "Call To Action".....uploaded it to YT and got it Ranked on Page 1 for that KeyWord.

Then.....he contacted 4 local "Property Management Firms"....telling them about his Video on Page 1.....telling them the Call To Action could go to THEIR website for X$ per month and.....telling them he has contacted 3 other Property Mgmt Cos and.....the First one who wants it, gets it!

2 hours later he had a "Renter".

BOTH these guys had NO prior video or business experience....in fact, they had both lost their "jobs" a few mos ago and were getting kinda desperate. They came to me for help and.....I found something that could pay them "HandSome Monthly Fees" for the rest of their lives.

So.....excuse me folks, if I toss up so much "stuff" here and "Monopolize" the posts and threads BUT.....I've been an Entroopeneer ALL my life.....ever since my 1st "JOB" (I despise that word) where I had discovered, 2 weeks in, that I had replaced a guy who was about to retire with FULL Vested Rights and.....they Fired him and I.....was the replacement....and I decided then and there to start my own biz.....which I did, 6 mos later (Securitronics Corp)

Adios.....ever getting me in a position where someone ELSE controls MY Paycheck!

Anyways.....I hope that maybe someone here can use this info.

Don Alm......STILL finding "money-making" ideas AND......APPLYING THEM

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