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Dien Rice
January 3, 2017, 06:25 PM
Here is tomorrow's card from the 52 Scattered Cards report, available complete until I reach number 15, then it goes off the market. 10 bux via paypal to gjabiz@yahoo.com...there is NOT a download, report sent by return email within 12 hours, usually. OK.

FOOD Truck from the report:
Hi Gordon,

Great ideas on food trucks!

When I think of food trucks, I think of the "standard" ones, like those selling...

hot dogs
french fries
hot coffee
ice cream

(which are all delicious!)

But if you want to be different, you could try a

Mac 'n cheese food truck!

These guys in Philly run a restaurant, but they also have a food truck

Who doesn't like Macaroni and cheese?


They've got 19 varieties of Mac 'n cheese (with different toppings)...

Mac Mart

(Check out their menu...)

Here's another Mac 'n cheese food truck in Georgia...

Mac the Cheese Truck

Best wishes,


P.S. These are amazing ideas from Gordon... I've got Gordon's report, and at 10 smackers, it's a steal...!

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