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January 2, 2017, 01:28 PM
Here is tomorrow's card from the 52 Scattered Cards report, available complete until I reach number 15, then it goes off the market. 10 bux via paypal to gjabiz@yahoo.com...there is NOT a download, report sent by return email within 12 hours, usually. OK.

FOOD Truck from the report:
Build your own TACO and Pizza trucks, or any food truck. There is a lot of info out there, I have direct hands on experience with this, if interested in food trucks, give me a an email, make sure it has FOOD TRUCK in the subject header. gjabiz@yahoo.com************

Some resources, one, your local library, you can get a copy via Interlibrary loan of Running a Food Truck for Dummies, or visit the author Richard Myrick's website:

http://mobile-cuisine.com/ You'll find a lot of information.

Most profit? Flavored Ice.

Most popular? TACO.

Easiest to start: PREPACKAGED Ice Cream. I talked to a guy who ran a 1.00 dollar ice cream truck route in FL. Actually covered a small part of Palm Beach County. Simple van with window and van covered in stickers of ice cream, a yellow light and the mandatory ice cream music.

Here is an example of what his product was.

In his case, he used Costco and GFS Marketplace which was new to S. FL.

Sam's club or any of those might work.
My local Sam's club has KLONDIKE BARS:
http://www.samsclub.com/sams/klondike-the-original-24-4-5-oz-bars/176974.ip?xid=plp1526-groc:product:1:3 at this price he gets them for .38 each, sells for 1.00 for a GROSS of .62

He claims to have netted .50 per dollar transactions, some products like ice cream sandwiches can be had for as low as .15 each.

He had a big freezer, and a small generator, although he said the freezer would be plugged in overnight and kept thing frozen most of the day. His "warehouse" was his garage, where he had another huge freezer, family style he picked up cheap.

He was able to pick up an older but nice looking van cheap too.

Good Humor is well known and is a good source of name brand product:


Current eBay offers on food trucks:

http://foodtrucks.net/?gclid=COy4t96HpNECFci1wAodCpQBUA Food truck specialist.

FL guy: http://www.trailerfactory.com/custom-food-trucks/?gclid=CKn-8-GHpNECFQO4wAodWz4HHQ

MUST READ ARTICLE, from the horse's mouths:

https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/220060 Article.

Amazon resources:

Product source: http://www.berlinerfoods.com/

More product sources:

Now I've focused on the EASIEST way to get started, one reason, you mostly don't need a food PREP license when selling pre packaged products, but part of YOUR research is to make sure you know all the licensing requirements in the area's you are going to work.

If interested in doing a traveling food truck, at fairs, carnivals and special events, then here are some resources to get you started:


http://www.fairsandfestivals.net/articles/view/how_to_become_a_food_vendor_at_fairs_crafts_shows_ and_art_festivals/106



Which ends where I started at Mobile Cuisine, if interested, I'd suggest you spend some time there, and having had one (my family, a Mr. Softee) I can shed some light on this.

Several years ago, I worked part time as a demo guy for GFS Marketplace and in the archives, somewhere, is a lot of information about 'DAVE" who had ice cream trucks (several) and had a Gyro truck set up in downtown Kent, OH, for many years and worked from about 10 to 3 on the weekends, he was different from the fast food and had lines in decent weather.

Weather is a big factor in Food Trucks, but for a small one or two person operation, a fun way to travel and see the country or to establish a local route and make a nice little income giving people what they want.

Any questions?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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