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January 15, 2017, 02:51 PM
Thanks For Voting Dien,

With Your Permission.

I thought I'd share the Results of my latest Book Title Test.

#1 - We've Discovered how to Flirt Tip Waitresses and Waiters
And Make Moolah - by inviting client prospects to lunch.

#2 - Since We've been Collecting Golden Rule LOTTO tipping
Testimonials for a decade - I decided to help others make munny
this way too by sharing the info on Amazon Kindle

#3 - Since Top Selling books on Amazon Use NLP or Invisible Print
Persuasion techniques. We've gotta Beat what they're doing
to Grab attention or NOT Sell books.

#4 - I've Discovered that I get more VOTES when I offer
a VALUABLE Bribe Report for my ezine readers Opinions.


Here is TEST #1 -


Cut and Paste the ONE Headline you like best
And email it to
Me at Rentamentor@gmail.com - to Get Your Copy Of THIS STORY I GOT from one of our VIP Inner Circle Members -

"How I Tied & Gagged My Mother-In-Law at Dinner" -
without Talking to her OR Laying a Finger on her!"


A - Easy Way To Make Munny While You Eat

B - Do You Protect Your Wallet by Giving Away Moolah?

C - Wanted: Golden Rulers to Give Away Money

D - Flirt Tipping - Raise Your Income By Giving Away Money

E - Too Busy to Find a Part Time Job? - Flirt Tip for Extra Cash

F - Flirt & Grow Richer

G - 6 Ways to Make More Money By Flirt Tipping

H - Got Bills? - Give Away Munny to Make Money

I - Party-For-Profit at Every Meal

J - 6 Notorious Flirt Tipping Referral Systems



Thanks for SHARING Your Opinion with me.

What YOU THINK is Important
I always Guess WRONG.


P.S. - Remember - to Find Out Which Headline WINS And Get The Mom-in-Law
BRIBE. Email me your #1 Pick. (YES it's a HUM-DINGER of a Story)


Decide which Headline YOU LIKE BEST
Before you read the Results - so far to my F-r-e-e Ezine List.

In the next Post - Below.

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