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Default Wow - Lisa Answered My Question ALREADY

Thanks Gordon,

Often Folks are too SHY to answer a question.

Even on their own website.

But NOT Lisa.

Right now I am mostly getting clients from referrals. I have some clients from before I opened the studio that followed me. I also did Groupon for a couple months but that didnít result in too many repeat clients. I tried AD I.Q with google but I donít think that worked too well.
Thank you

Yuk yuk yuk - As the 3 Stooges might say.

(EDITORS NOTE - Hey, did you know that MOE HOWARD wrote all of the 3-stooges Material? TV shorts, movies - everything? Moe wrote a book about
how he did it.)

Back on topic.

The Yuk's are there because Lisa's FAILED Tests are all from on-line

"THE EXPERTS" would have you believe that REFERRALS and Direct Mail are


What is TRUE is that "THE GURU's" know that the majority of people
will ONLY Buy information and Training they can do from Home.

Without TALKING to anybody.

But Surprise!

Much of the on-line - done from home - stuff DOES NOT WORK.

Which Lisa seems to have discovered for herself.

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