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Lightbulb Mine isn't a question...

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
And to pick up where I left off...about asking the RIGHT questions.

Here is ONE of my processes, which you will find has been sprinkled through this forum for the last 20 years now...goes like:


Begin at the end where money (or value) exchanges hands. You can use this for every evaluation of biz op you do. How to get their money into your hands?

Ask the right questions from the get go...

I believe in spending time to find the RIGHT business to pursue, and not just chase after money, it makes the whole business more fun, and more profitable too, so ask if you have any questions, OK?


Hey Gordon

Just want to thank you for sharing this brilliant PRACTICAL advice on how to "reverse-engineer" (business) ideas.

I wish more people will read this and save themselves needless "lessons learned"

Thanks again
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