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Old September 4, 2020, 10:14 AM
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Default Yes, here.

Originally Posted by Jamme_2 View Post
I'm sorry for posting here but where I can find the continuation of your post? can you help me out?

I was waiting for someone to ask. So, today, I'll continue it here, refresh often because I do it in bits and pieces so as not to get it lost by software glitches we sometimes have.

So, thanks for asking.

And to pick up where I left off...about asking the RIGHT questions.

Here is ONE of my processes, which you will find has been sprinkled through this forum for the last 20 years now...goes like:


Begin at the end where money (or value) exchanges hands. You can use this for every evaluation of biz op you do. How to get their money into your hands?

So, some model examples. Pizza, a HOT biz now thanks to delivery. You order via phone or online, pay via some method, and they make and deliver the pizza to your door. People of an all cash nature don't have much success because few shops have CASH on delivery...for a lot of reasons.

So if you are thinking of investing in a pizza shop or starting one, you want to know the TRANSACTION, currently about 85% of all shops' biz is DELIVERY

And maybe 15% pickup, with a part of that dine in, if allowed.

So, you ask the question of HOW do I get their money? Which should lead you to the next question of


Who is going to give you the money? With a pizza shop, you know that most of your biz, again 85% will live within a few miles of your shop. Then the next who would be...


With brick and mortar, it is pretty easy to determine your market, with online not so much. With WALMART firing up their membership again this month (which I will join and report on) will give us AMZ PRIME members an option on WHO to buy from.

TARGET is supposedly about to offer a similar service, we'll see what happens.

The questions continue...

You have identified the HOW of the exchange (getting the dough $$$)

You have considered WHO is going to buy from you. And this is probably the most important question which gets asked the least amount of time.

Today we call it an AVATAR, old days it was your prospect. Pizza and many brick and mortar biz's are easy in to define your ideal customer.

But what about the online service provider? I'll use copywriter for the model, but it could be a web builder, graphics artist, SEO consultant, all that Internet Marketing stuff. But for example, I'll use COPYWRITER.

The #1 question by far new copywriters ask is how do I get clients?

I giggle. Because... a real copywriter is a salesperson. I am a salesperson.

As noted above, the first question a sales person asks is WHO will buy my goods, (after knowing what the transaction looks like).

It is the same question that makes many of us wealthy because we can sell the answer, often disguised as LEAD GENERATION.

So, Mary has taken some classes, immersed herself in learning how to write copy because for most of her life people have told her she should write, and writers who don't make any money are like little bugs attracted to those zappers...they flock to COPYWRITING because, as they have heard...

it only takes one letter to make you rich. Go to the beach with your yellow legal pad, knock out an ad in the morning sipping Mai-Tais, send your letter to you customer, collect the 15k and wait for the money to come pouring in.

Feel free to use the above paragraph for your template if selling copywriting training.

Anyhow, HOW does a transaction take place with a copywriter (or any service provider online)???? Well, here it is a combo of WHO & HOW.

WHO buys copywriting? Almost everyone with something to sell. Some sort of copy is needed to either describe or motivate or influence someone to get out their wallet and buy whatever it is you are selling, right?

Now, when I did consulting for PIZZA shops, I taught them to use add ons to increase the size of the order. Like the post about SUGGESTIVE SELLING (AND I'll answer that one later today too)...I had the shop identify who were the regular customers, what they ordered, how often.

Typical numbers we REMOTE DIRECT MARKETERS are use to, sounds almost magical to many brick and mortar guys, which makes it so lucrative to consult with them.

So, by suggesting and order of bread sticks or a liter of pop (soda), or a big salad, many shops increased their business by adding VALUE to the regular orders.

With services, the very best advertisements are RESULTS. Which of course, the newbie copywriter doesn't have. It should be their first step in their learning process, which is why, in the past I have made my copywriting students WRITE a promotion first thing.

In lieu of testimonials or results, then you have to make promises, or give them a reason to use your service, with pizza shops, I could easily guarantee a 10% annual increase of profits, which would amount to thousands of dollars, and that would more than pay my fee and create happy, satisfied customers.

And you get new clients with the same process, by asking them the same questions...who are their customers, how is the transaction taking place, what can they add on, how often do they contact customers, what sort of retention/reward program do they have...SEE? QUESTIONS.

Ask the right questions from the get go, right up front and so much time can be saved and so much more money can be made.

So choosing any business or money making activity, or BIZ-OP begins with asking how the transaction takes place, and with who, and how often...

I ask new pizza shop owners WHY they invested in their shop? Never got a straight answer, although I did identify certain types of people.

Likewise, I would ask a new copywriter WHY did you select this as a way to make your living and how much do you expect to make in say, 5 years??? followed by HOW?

And over 90% of them can NOT answer that question.

IF anyone has questions about a specific biz, I probably have some case studies to share with the questions asked.

I believe in spending time to find the RIGHT business to pursue, and not just chase after money, it makes the whole business more fun, and more profitable too, so ask if you have any questions, OK?


Last edited by GordonJ : September 4, 2020 at 11:03 AM.
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