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Don Alm
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Default Re: Great insight into "sales psychology"...

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Don,

One thing I really like about your posts is you give the psychology of what's going on, too... And why it works!

You know what? One day, some university somewhere should give a "sales psychology" course... And the textbook could be all of your posts!

This is clever. And win/win... Customer gets a free oil change, and I'm sure a good percentage of those will convert to paying customers...

Great idea!

Best wishes,


Hi Dien....I've put my "psychology" stuff , along with 50 of the projects I've my Midas Reports, which I'm thinking about UpDating and offering for sale...again.

I stopped selling it about 5yrs ago and.....with the TRUTH of what our economy is REALLY like ....93 Millyun who've stopped looking and are NOT being counted in the UN-employment stats....and 2 of my kids who have a College Education BUT.....can't find a job in their field.

Don Alm
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