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Old February 13, 2018, 02:58 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default How To Credential Yourself With a 1-Page Thank You Reward

<p>Thanks Dien - Gordon,

<p><b>How To Credential Yourself With a 1-Page Thank You Reward</b>


<p>What we know - so far - is that Ben Plans to mail 10,000 Brochures out
to local Contractors - then call and sell them insurance.

<p>QUESTION - We asked Ben, "Is Your Brochure Interactive? Does your
Brochure Give Anything Valuable away in Order to Get The Prospects Email address?"

<p>ANSWER - "NO."

<p>So we sent Ben This Short Email About a 1 Page Report that might
easily be Worth a M*illion D*ollars to most Contractors.

<p>AND then TOPPED that by sending him a 1000 Bucks in C*ASH.

<p>Thanks for the Brief Chat Last Thursday Ben,

<p>After Interviewing over a hundred Self Made Millionaire Biz owners
over the past 26 years I've found the Best

<p><li>Add Value</li>
<li>Go The Extra Mile</li>
<li>Make Prospects Extra C*ash - whether they get Hired or not.</li>

<p>Which is WHY I'd like to help you make a Quick 100K
On Your CONTRACTOR Telemarketing Project.


<p>Then you can decide to P*AY Me to Go From 6 to 7 Figures
out of the Bonus Bucks in The Bank - or not.

<p>***THE CASE OF CONFETTI CANNONS - I sent you is not MINDLESS Entertainment.

<p>The Thank You Reward CANNONS
Gave me a Good REASON WHY to call and talk to your mother and yourself.

<p>AND from now on when I call - I am the CONFETTI CANNON guy.

<p>ONE PAGE REPORTS Use the Same Concept
And Cost You NOTHING. But can be worth Thousands to any Contractor.

<p>AND Can Get The Owner on The Phone with you REAL QUICK.

<p>For Example:

<p>I did a Project with one of the Founders of Federal Express.

<p>ONE PAGE REPORT - "How A Tiny Plumbing Contractor BANKRUPTED Roto-Rooter In Their Town."

<p>THIS IS Literally a M*Illion D*ollar Idea.

<p>So When you TELEMARKET a Contractor - You Say, "Did you get the Multi-M*illion D*ollar Idea I sent you?"

<p>The Receptionist, gal friday, office manager - CANNOT TAKE Your Call.
ONLY the owner (DECISION MAKER) can talk to you.

<p>AND You Get VIP Treatment - cuz you are helping them make More Munny.

<p>Just Suppose youwant more PROOF -

One Page Report Will arrive right After This Note.

<p>The Title -

<p>"How to Cut Your Electric Bill by 1 to 2000.00 Or More."

<p>Glenn Osborn
<p>M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association.

<p><b>"One Thousand Dollars Extra Cash for Ben - Report"</b>

<p>How a Home Owner Makes An EXTRA $1320 A Year By Switching
to LED Light Bulbs


<p>I had a Big Hole in my Wallet. But I plugged it.

<p>Here’s why my 142.00 a mo electric bill dropped to 32.00 a mo.
I replaced The Incandescent and Fluorescent Bulbs in our house w/Super
Efficient LEDs.

<p>After testing 4 different screw in LED Bulbs. I liked the Cree 9.5 watt best. The Amazon Link -

<p> age_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

<p>Our 3 Bathroom Mirrors have 4 Bulbs over them. But the darn Cree LED is
SO BRIGHT I unscrewed 3 bulbs - use one.

<p>The 4 Bedrooms got an LED (SO Bright I Use 1 Bulb instead of three.)

<p>The Living Rm, Dining Rm, Family room, Kitchen, Laundry room, hallway,
Front & Back Door entrances, Basement and Garage - all got replacement LED

<p>15 LED Bulbs put $110.00 a month into my pocket. OH YEAH.

<p>My Dad put motion detectors on all 4 corners of the house. And the Porch.

<p>Heard a noise one night. A Raccoon was eating the Cats Food on the front
Porch. Using Our Flood Lights!

<p>Then I caught a Fat Groundhog eating the flowers. And a deer eating my
Sweet Potato Plants.

<p>And I was Paying so they could SEE BETTER to eat Breakfast, lunch and
dinner at our Expense. NO MORE. I taped over the motion detectors!

<p>Just bought a New Pair of Shoes with some of my Extra Money. Glenn


<p>Let's Summarize what we know SO FAR.

<p>#1 - We Attracted an INVITE to a Referral Network

<p>#2 - Filled out a Profile - then Answered a Question from Ben-The-Owner
of an Insurance Company - (About a proven Telemarketing Script)

<p>#3 - I Double Checked Ben's Address by calling his office.

<p>#4 - Spent 27.00 on a Case Of Confetti Cannons - And 60.00 More
to Get them mailed PRIORITY MAIL.

<p>#5 - We Called to WARN the Receptionist the Confetti Cannons were coming.

<p>#6 - We Called Again - the Day Before They arrived. Got Ben on the phone.

<p>#7 - Ben said his brochure contained General Information - No Fr-e-e Report
to Start a Conversation with the Contractor Prospect.

<p>#8 - So AFTER the Confetti Cannons Arrived We sent an Email
with a way to Use a M*illion Dollar idea in a one page Report format.

<p>#9 - AND since Ben's Mother is the Receptionist AND Ben and his mother
Live in different houses - The 1000.00 Report I emailed Next is worth 2 GRAND
to Ben's Family. (NO MATTER what happens.)

<p>#10 - This is what I call Creating a POSITIVE BANK Account with a PROSPECT. Engaging the Golden Rule of Reciprocity.


<p>Either the Prospect RUNS Like Crazy.

<p>OR you have a series of Friendly Chats with the Gaol of helping them
make that Quick 100K we Promised.


<p>You save a Lot of Time.

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