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Old September 19, 2006, 10:23 AM
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Thumbs up FREE MONEY!

This post is in response to Joetrevison’s post entitled “New Site found” and also a comment about Gordons post on $500 a day.

Joe said. . .
“Test your abilities I could only get 83% for my headlines. Anyone want to get 100% and tell me how. 83% is in the great copywriters category but that is not good enough for me.


Hi Joe, That challenge is easy. We can look at this post as an experiment and see how many views it gets It will be interesting to see if the EMV score of the subject line of this post match actual results by how many views it receives.

The headline analyser only takes into account the EMV score (Emotional Marketing Value ) but does not weigh in the other factors that would be involved.

I got a 100% EMV score on my first shot. . .

Just promise people what they want. The hard part is to deliver on it. But let me give you an example that could be tested. . .
The 100% Headline is just two words .....


Print "Free Money" on a button. Wear the button and when people ask you about it
hand them a Million Dollar Novelty Bill.

On the back of the bill print something like : Need More Money? Visit:

But you had better be able to show them the money. In my case I set people up in their own low cost – high profit photography business and I teach them my simple system to earning $500 - $1,000 per day working part time photographing beautiful woman, babies and pets! Plus I guarantee results or I’ll refund them double their money back!

Gordon is right about hype. It does attract attention but does it work in the long run?

Gordon said. . . Joe Sugarman says "Do ____ dollar a day activities." Portrait Photography is just one of those activities that produce results for those who do it over and over again. And most of the testing to find out what works has already been done for those who wish to take advantage of it.

Gordon knows what he is talking about when it comes to Chatteling and he delivers too!

Here’s another example… on another forum last week I posted this headline. . .

Want To Be Rich??? - Watch This!

It only rates a 57.14% EMV Score but so far it has gotten more views than any of the other posts on the page. That should tell you something about what people want. But again you better be able to deliver real value to the marketplace because if you full of you know what people will throw stones at you - not money. And Joe… Elmer Wheelers “Tested Sentences” book that you deliver (good job) has a lot of value to those who read it and turns the information into real knowledge by Acting on it and testing – testing – testing until they discover what works best for them and then do more testing over and over again!

Steve & Susha Shulenski
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Old September 19, 2006, 10:52 AM
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Default Re: FREE MONEY! - I meant Joe Karbo - didn't he say. . ???

"Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money"
Joe Karbo

The Lazy Man's Way to Riches

"DYNA/PSYC can give you everthing in the world you really want!"

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Old September 19, 2006, 12:42 PM
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GordonJ GordonJ is offline
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Default FREE MONEY; GREAT SEX (Everyday); FREE CHOCOLATE (for a lifetime) & FREE FOOTBALL


Should catch a few eyes. But the (as Paul Harvey would say) "rest of the story" might be:

The money is in Confederate Currency; the sex is with the bearded lady of the circus (I know, it wouldn't matter to some of you)...

The Chocolate is the "milk" variety with a lot of wax added. YECCH!

And the tickets are to see the Cleveland Clowns play.

This just about sums up my opinion of most of the guru copywriter's matter how much product they have sold using KILLER copy, the products they hype are mostly junk and in some cases even harmful (ephreda comes to mind).

In MY opinion it is about the product.



Your buyers can't start without some prep work. They need at least a CAMERA and someone to shoot. So whatever marketing you use to find these someone's has to be done before anyone in that business makes a dime.

And you say:

Plus I guarantee results or I’ll refund them double their money back!

Does that include the guy who just READS your course? They get DOUBLE the money back? Some guy named Kevin is looking for you (aka Refund Kev).

And YES, they "want to be rich", but they don't want to work for it.

Be it in MLM or photography, or advertising specialties THEY still have to do something for their income. And that is why all that crap at ClickBank sells, because of the promise of NOT having to do.

I have NO DOUBT that someone who got your course, and APPLIED what you teach could achieve the results you guarantee. But then I felt that way about many of Don Alm's products too.

YOU HAVE TO APPLY the information no matter who it is from...and alas, sigh, and oh my, TOO many people on the Internet don't, won't or can' a marketer might as well use the hype ads because it really doesn't matter (as a Dan Kennedy might say).

Chatteling works for those who want to work it. ANYONE reading this can find something in their homes (or online for FREE) in the next 5 minutes. They COULD post a FREE ad that will be seen...

And they COULD have that piece of CHATTEL sold within a half an hour. Without a penny out of pocket.
Without having a web site or being an affiliate.
Without having to find customers...the buyer will find them.


And then they could afford to BUY (or in Kevin's case, to rent for a few days before he got double his money back)...YOUR course or any of 101 items for sale that gives them a LIFETIME income for as long as they CHOOSE to do it.

My issue is with DO.

And those that won't. But whine and complain and are the Kevin's of the world who will "buy" some information, but tell you they are going to get a refund before they even read the information. In my opinion, that is the biggest SCAM going online.

And maybe I'm beating a dead horse, maybe I should just "Dan Kennedy" it and not care what people do with my information.

But in the case of the Chatteling Club, and the Chatteling depends on people HELPING people. So I want to make sure people know and understand that The Beginner's Guide to Chatteling Course is about doing.

And doing it as fast as you can. But just going fast in circles isn't productive either (but then there are those that have 8 years online too) have to do it the way it is KNOWN to work.

Anyone with a camera could start a photography business. BUT, they wouldn't get YOUR results unless they were doing it your way.

I'm honestly considering skipping the course and getting back to those other things that people a Job, or a Business...I'm not going to be wasting my time with the Kevin's of the world.

Gordon J. Alexander
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Old September 20, 2006, 01:27 AM
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Hi Gordon, Here’s the catch with my product. They have to DO IT and send photographic proof that they did it to qualify for a refund.

The Kevin’s of the world decide before they even order that they will ask for a refund so. . .

I don’t guarantee that reading alone will produce results because it won’t. What I guarantee is that my system “when worked” will find them dozens of clients without any expensive advertising. The whole thing can be set up for under $100 and be used over and over again. It will produce results (qualified prospects who want you to contact them) within 3 weeks.

Of course I can not guarantee that their photos will sell. But the world is filled with great photographers who haven’t earned a dime because they don’t know how to find customers and get them in the door. But I have a simple way to get customers . . . fast! Anyone who can take decent photos who has the proper tools of the trade will get clients with my approach or I will double their money back. Plus I offer a $5,000 cash reward to the first person who can show me a faster, more effective, lower cost way to consistently get paying photography customers than what I teach. I pray that someone will claim my reward because using that information will pay for itself the first week I put into action!!

But my stuff is only for people interested in photography who are willing to purchase their own props, lights and camera and use my product to get flooded with clients. It’s a real business that requires you purchase your own tools and preform real work.
Anyone who does the work will get customers. It’s impossible not to. But it won’t work by sitting on your bum in front of a monitor.

You however have something that ANYBODY CAN RUN WITH if they have the motivation to do so. It can even be done while sitting on your duff but would be even more effective if one got up and ran with it.


Steve Shulenski
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