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Old July 30, 2000, 04:40 PM
Gordon Alexander
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Default General: Midnight at Mary Campbell's Cave

Don't blink. You might miss something important.


I have an unusual hobby. I'm an AMATEUR Ghost Hunter.

Sort of. Kind of. Not really.

Depends on your perspective.

I'm more like the Bill Murray character in GHOST BUSTERS.

Not all that serious about it. But, I know plenty of people who are.

What I do is:

I make AUDIO recordings of alleged haunted sites.

But only OUTDOORS. No houses. No buildings. Only those supposed ghosts/spirits that can be found in Nature.

Some of you might think; how can you find what doesn't exist? OK. Somedays I'm with you on that.

But here's what I usually end up with, even if the ghosts are quiet the day I record:

Some of the best sounds of Nature, the best audio programs for listening to Nature.

Some folks find them relaxing. Others refreshing.

Others, downright haunting.

Then there is the recording I did at Midnight. At Mary Campbell's Cave. On a night of a full moon.

Not just any full moon, but the blood moon.

If you would like to know more about Mary Campbell, you can go here and see the cave and read the story.

Here is the brief version:

She was a young girl kidnapped by the Lenni Lanape tribe from her home in Western Pennsylvania and brought to a cave on the Cuyahoga River in 1759. Mary and her captives were believed to be the first white people to live in this region. She was returned 5 years later to soldiers as part of a peace treaty.

That is the short story.

When I was a kid, my buddy Carl Stevens and I would go exploring the Cuyahoga River and the caves in search of Frenchyís Gold. But that is a story for later, Frenchy is also a ghost that haunts the Cuyahoga.

I first saw (or imagined I saw) Mary Campbell when I was about 12. I showed Dien where it happened and took a picture. He thought I was getting a little spooky.

Anyhow, ghost or not, spirit or my over active imagination, Mary Campbell and I have had a 39-year relationship. I call her the Oracle of the Cave. My friends, except for Carl, all called me NUTS.

Canít argue that point either. Would you settle for, not your ordinary Joe? Whatever.

In the Summer of 1969, while studying Edgar Cayce at Virginia Beach, I really got interested in ghosts and spirits, and all that.

It started before that, by reading Napoleon Hillís THINK AND GROW RICH, and I got to that part about spirit guides and all. Well, my fundamentalist father didnít approve of that kind of thing. Youíre not suppose to mess with the spirit world.

Well, I wasnít messen around with them; they began a messen with me. But I didnít tell dad that.

But this isnít about ghosts or spirits or religious beliefs. It is about a recording of sounds.

When I first listened to the audio program I had recorded, I was shocked. Amazed. Startled.

And I didnít believe what I heard. A voice of a little girl. Singing. And talking.

Scared the bejeebers out of me. Donít even know what bejeebers are either.

So I listened again. NO voice. NO singing. No spirit of Mary Campbell. I was relieved.

Then I listened to it again, and there was that singing and little girlís voice. I made copies of the tape and gave to my friends. Not one of them heard anything other than the sounds of the night recorded by the river.

They heard the rushing water; they heard the nighttime animals rustling through the forest. They didnít hear a ghost. Or anything but the sounds of Nature.

But guess what? They all wanted a copy because it was so relaxing. Or refreshing. HUH?

Listened to before bedtime, it put people to sleep. Listened to in the day, it picked people up gave them a boost. Now I have my theories about all this, and Iíll share them with you, later.

I made dozens of copies for my friends, and for their friends. It was better than all that fake music being made for relaxing and all.

About a month after I made the recordings I got a call. It was from an old friend whom I had sent the tape too. She wanted to know who the little girl singing on the tape was.

I freaked out. I mean, MAN, I was freakin. But then I thought maybe she was playing a joke on me. Maybe she had talked to my wife. Or one of my friends. I laughed.

ďYou got me good on that one,Ē I said. And almost as soon as I said it, I realized she didnít know my wife, or any of my friends. She was a person I met in San Francisco while I was studying metaphysics and all.

She DEMANDED to know if I was playing tricks on her. The voice she CLAIMS she heard on the audio program told her to take the job when it was offered.

The next day she got a call out of the blue from an ex-employer who offered her a job. More money less hours than when she had worked for him before.

She freaked out. Listened to the tape again. There was NO voice. She was kind of mad at me. Thought I was playing games. Thought I was toying with her somehow. I swore I knew nothing about it.

Then the reports started coming in. Others had heard something. The audio program was having a very positive effect upon everyone who listened to it. That is everyone who listened 28 days in a row.

I thought people were picking up some kind of sub-conscious suggestion I may have made about the ghost on the tape and all.

But, NO ONE wanted to give the tape back. They LOVED it. It helped them get to sleep. It was relaxing. It was refreshing.

Then, people started telling me that they were able to find solutions to problems they were working on, right after listening to the tape. It was as if they were being told the solutions by a voice inside their heads while in this meditative state. A little girls voice.

About now youíre thinking, ďRight Gordon, and it can be mine for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Right?Ē

Wrong. Iím not selling the audio program. At least not yet. But it is one of the all time great recordings of Nature, one of the best but, NO, Iím sorry you canít buy it from me. Even though every single person who has continuously listened to it for 28 days swears the audio program SOMEHOW played a part in some magical or mystical event in his or her life. Every single person.

But, NO, you still canít buy it.

So why am I telling you about this? Of what significance is this?

It has to do with the mind. That most wonderful of human resources, and probably the least understood.

Iíve studied this subject for 25 years. I worked in fields where the brain was damaged in some way. Iíve worked with people with mental retardation. Mental illness. Severe brain damage from trauma.

And what I teach today is a result of all that study and contact with people whose brain/mind were analyzed to the nth degree.

Iím going to give you a little history lesson, OK?

Something happened during the American Civil War. Something that changed the way the world thought. There were more brains exposed to doctors in the field during the Civil War, than at any other time in history up to that point.

Because there were more doctors on the battlefields. Prior to that, wounded warriors were taken back to camp, or killed by their own troops so they wouldnít have to carry them.

But now doctors were nearby. In the field. And they got to see brains up close. This is not morbid but scientific. This was the beginning of neuroscience, as we know it. It started the study of the physical part of the brain.

About the same time, across the Atlantic, the Sigmund Freud crowd was forming. Doctors were exploring thought. The mind. Iíll fast-forward your history lesson. By 1920 there was a clear separation of studies between the physical brain, and the conceptual mind.

It was a division that has lasted until today. We are just on the beginning wave of unity. Of holistic understanding. Of reuniting the mind with the brain. The brain with the body.

We are putting back together what was put asunder. Torn apart. Separated at great cost.

This is taught in the SQUARE ONE WORKSHOPS. Look at the Diagrigm of Life and you will see the connective circle. The mind and body. And the concept, now proven, that what effects one will effect and affect the other.

It is the underlying principle of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and many of the modern pop psychologies that proliferate today.

You are what you eat. You are what you think. You are what you do.

You can effect your emotional state by changing your physiology. You can effect your physiology by changing your thoughts.

You get what you want in life by controlling your behavior. Which comes from your STATES of body/mind.

This is not mumbo-jumbo. This is practical. This is useful. YOU can apply this knowledge and produce incredible changes in your life.

You can make more money.
You can enrich your relationships.
You can contribute more to society.

If you take control of both your body and your mind and treat them as a single unit, and not separate entities. By becoming consciously aware of what you are doing and THINKING that is keeping you where you are.

Dien posted about the laws of Physics. The SQUARE ONE WORKSHOPS donít violate any of the laws of Nature; they are in fact taken from Nature. From observation and study into how life really works.

Not how some psychiatrist that lived a 100 years ago THOUGHT it should.

You and your life are the grand experiment of the scientist within you. And of the creator within.

You have incredible power you can tap into. Your mind is an incredible tool. When used in synch with your body, you can produce incredible results.

Results of achievement.
Results of effort.
Results of understanding and control.

YOU may not believe in ghosts. But do you believe in YOU?

Are you living the best life that you can IMAGINE? Yes? My friend, please become a SQUARE ONE WORKSHOPS teacher, the world needs people like you to make it a better place.

If you are NOT living the best life you can IMAGINE? Why not? What is missing?

Have you locked up your childhood dreams in some mental cedar chest in the attic of your mind? If so, we have the key.

Have you given up on your hopes and let the embers of desire grow cold? We can re-ignite that spark and light your fires.

But you have to know what you want. It can NOT be vague. It must be specific. There are REASONS for this, both in the world of Physics that Dien is schooled in, and in the realm of the psychic (the mind) which I have spent my lifetime studying.

You have the scientist and the dreamer, the skeptic and the optimist, the down to earth and up to the moon guy here at SOWPUB. But we agree on this.

Your life is your responsibility.

If you want more out of your life, only YOU can do anything about it.

I canít.

Dien Canít.

Even the kind benevolent spirit of Mary Campbell canít be of service.

If you donít know what you want.

Which is the first order of business here. And one I will be FOCUSED on during the launch of SOWPUB.

Iím going to tell YOU how to get what you want, even HOW to figure out what that is.

The answer wonít come from me. It is the seed of your individuality seeking expression.

Weíre just the farmers that are going to help YOU to get it to grow.

Thanks for your time and attention.

As for the audio program, MIDNIGHT AT MARY CAMPBELLíS CAVEÖask me in a month or two, maybe Iíll change my mind and let you listen to it. Maybe. Maybe not.

Gordon (the friendly ghost hunter) Alexander

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