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Old July 25, 2020, 12:37 PM
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
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Default Overcome Pandemic Uncertainty with Focused Activity...

How to steer your boat to future success and avoid the shores of destruction.

Borrowing a page from Glenn Osborn's playbook (overtly, I ain't no Belichick)

There is a new America ahead of us. And since I'm listening to Dylan, old and new...not only THE TIMES THEY ARE CHANGING but also,

"the riot squad they're restless, they need somewhere to go," (Desolation Row)

Seattle? Chicago? All points city? Coming to an urban near you?

The long hot summer I forecast a couple of months ago, is just getting fired up, stay tuned.

And it is easy to get caught up in the daze of the relentless days...whirling, swirling around us...

But I have reached the conclusive opinion, that, ... it is time to get selfish and focus on what YOU want. I've spoken with many an uncertain soul of late, some thinking they will never get back to doing what they did before...

and that may be true. Many, millions, are having to make adjustments.

Which is part of life.

I've been referring more people to the SQ1, than I ever have in the past...but as good as a tool that they are, the future is still in your hands, in your control and you still have to have an idea of what that looks like...

OR, what you want it to look like.

One thing, a trend you can bank on...will be a major FLEE from Urban America and LAND...SMALL farms and homesteads will be a FUTURE TREND for many years to come.

I was looking at New York State, just south of the fingers lake area, my buddy and I made many a trip to Ithaca back in the day, his girlfriend was in college up there. Wonderful area, and for about 100 miles to the south, draw a line from Ithaca to Hershey and go 50 miles either direction of that line and you will find some PRIME LAND available.

If you are on the East coast, look to this region to relocate. Still affordable land, with relatively easy building permits.

LAND is just one of my suggestions in the forthcoming NEW report,


Where do you see yourself in 3 years? The Presidential Election is fast approaching...the world is on fire, note the heating up with China, quickly escalating, and the Mid East, always a hot spot.

And a willingness to WAG THE DOG, cause nothing rallies America like a good enemy or war, we have every right to be uncertain about our futures.

As an old man, not much I can do, except keep my health and make the contributions which are important to me, to the people I want to.

You younger guys, and many of our grandchildren, you'll be pressed into service, be it to quell the "riots" of free speech or to fight in jungles, deserts and fields around the world.

That is the bleak, albeit maybe truthful, view of the future on a grander level, but I choose to work with the person, the individual and to help the one get to the place where they want to be.

And today, we have some choices to make.

Let us begin with what 3 years from today will look like for YOU?

I know a couple of people, even as I type, are shopping for land in the region I pointed out, with the idea to have a few acres, grow their own food, get off the grid and live a simpler life.

Others are burning the candles at both end, aiming for that ocean going yacht, which they believe their own escape machine of the bad times, if they come.

Whatever it is you want, however you see 3 years from today for yourself, I do know that what you are doing RIGHT NOW, is going to determine what and where you end up and although tomorrow is not promised to anyone, we can hope we'll be around in 3 years and have focused

our current activity

On the path most likely to take us to our goals. So, what are you doing today to help you get to that time 3 years from now?


PS. I'm writing a report, and it will be available soon.
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Old July 26, 2020, 11:46 AM
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Posts: 2,910
Default A joke, a rant and a review.

So Melania sez to Donald, "Please quit wearing my bras, you're stretching them out." And that is how her pet name for him came about, TITTIES TRUMP.

LOL. Yes, humor is subjective.

RANT: Against myself.

I have been very accurate about this long hot summer, predicting several months ago about the riots, etc. But although I have been accurate, I also have been derelict in giving ACTIONS, or plans or making maps on the future.

Protests and Covid have been a 1-2 punch to our guts, and we're still in the early rounds of the fight. Add in the coming election, and all that comes with it, BS from all sides...and toss in a wild fire or two, a hurricane and maybe even an earthquake and YIKES all mighty.

I have been talking to scores of people these last couple of months, and in the eye of the cyclone, I've found some very peaceful people.
The very peaceful are those with a chunk of land, farming, homesteading and being as self sufficient as they can be. Last year we talked about Lyman Woods and the whole history of Troy Bilt and that 1940's ad about a 5 acre retreat from the city.

This year, I am finding people who can see the writing on their suburban walls, and one of the main reasons people live in the burbs is, THE SCHOOLS.
Early indicators are, even if the schools reopen, many will opt out for home schooling (booming opportunity).

Also, the change in many jobs, with large numbers finding out they can do their jobs remotely, no longer tethers families to a locale. The result, a very fast growing trend is...

BUYING land, 5 to 10 acre lots are sizzling right now, especially in rural areas. As I wrote about a decade and a half ago, CO-OP land buys, by family and friends shares the costs. One big difference these days, is solar power has become more affordable while also getting more efficient.

Solar will continue to boom, but not by the fake get rich quick companies of the past that tried to cash in with crappy products.

WATER, a big issue. Water rights will bring court fights. States rights, which we are seeing TODAY, have issues with FEDERAL rights, this only gets worse.

FOOD, always a biggie. I say it again, get some heirloom seeds, plant them and gather a store house of seeds. Along these lines, supplements will continue to boom, albeit not a single one has any proven efficacy to it, other than anecdotal stories (which can make someone rich almost overnight).

In the world of Chatteling, I'm seeing (and profiting from) the sales of RV's and mobile homes are skyrocketing. Gas prices make hitting the roads affordable, IFFIN the state lets you in. If this continues for awhile, see those toll booths become check points with armed guards. Dire, but a real possibility.

I am still gathering a ton of information, and doing some interviews, in case anyone is interested, to be included in my newest report targeted to be released August 5, 2020.

I cover all of the above and will be providing many resources for you all to either get further information or in touch with groups or sites which may be of interest to you.

OVERCOME PANDEMIC UNCERTAINTY WITH FOCUSED ACTIVITY is the name of the report, and if you have any requests, want to be a part of it, or be interviewed, we have a couple of weeks left, to get it all pulled together.


PS I do have a section on guns, ammo, self defense, protections and all that stuff too.

Last edited by GordonJ : July 26, 2020 at 12:24 PM.
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Old July 26, 2020, 01:42 PM
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GordonJ GordonJ is offline
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Posts: 2,910
Default I've made thousands of loaves of bread by hand, no mixer, no bread machine...

In the discussion of food, someone asked me about recipes. Good golly molly, as we oldsters would say...

I forgot.

But OF COURSE, I have to put a recipe section in the report, maybe I can get Glenn Osborn to share his muffin recipes.

Bread is a centuries old stable of life. Some flour (and there are so many kinds of flours, even non grain types today), a little water, heat and there you go. If you want it to rise, some sort of leavening.

But flatbreads are easy to make, QUICK breads too, like Corn Bread (which I'm making today with my beans).

I have literally made thousands of pieces of bread (not all loafs, some in the shape of a pizza) hand.

Flour on the table, add some water, yeast, salt, and whole lot of kneading, kneading and more kneading...some rest, proofing, baking and of course...eating it too. I made about 20 to 40 loaves a night on the submarine. One meal, called mid-rats, was all about the bread for sandwiches.

So thanks TM, for reminding me that growing food, planting, harvesting, with whatever forms it takes, including hydroponics, micro-greens, herbs and spices...that at some point it has to be


So, sure, I'll include some recipes in the report too, and a section on quick breads, mug muffins, pan cookies, etc., etc.

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