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Old January 25, 2017, 04:32 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default IZZY Gets Her Entire Family to FLIRT TIP Their Waiter

Thanks Tom,

My women Coaching Clients use LOTTO TICKET Flirt Tipping in ways
the guys never thunk of.

IZZY did this with her family.

But Imagine the impact of Adapting IZZY's idea in a Business Situation.


We don't HAVE to Imagine it. We've made munny doing it.



Took your advice. Went out and bought a bunch of Instant Scratch off LOTTO tickets.

Then took the whole clan out to a nice restaurant.

86 year old matriarch Noelle, grouchy Smantha and young Peggy. Plus my 2 cousins just back from 2 weeks camping out in the rain.

Gives me the willies. Vacationing in the mud.



STEVEN was our waiter.

He never knew what hit him. I started things off. And gave tickets to everybody else. Told them what to do.

Each lady told STEVEN, "I want you to have this." A big smile and then handed him a LOTTO ticket. AFTER Steven did some kind of service.

We got white wine. Extra bread. Extra cheese. Extra everything. Extra fast.

Fantastic service.

Learned all about Steven. His entire life. His adventures in New York. I was flabbergasted at what a few LOTTO tickets could do.

He even said, "You ladies are spoiling me."

Then he handed me his name and # and told me to PLEASE keep him in mind if any jobs came open in my company. He'd LOVE to work for me.

LAST thing BEST...

STEVEN comes racing out of the kitchen.

All Excited.

He's won 2 BIG LOTTO ticket chances at the giant 34 million dollar Florida LOTTERY.

Here's this handsome man babbling like a kid.

It was GREAT.


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Old January 25, 2017, 04:41 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default Flirt Tipping to Be Nice to a CVS Pharmacy Clerk

Thanks Tom,

One of our Mentors Compares the world to a Dark Movie Theater.

He says, "Imagine everyone in the movie theater has there legs stuck out
in the dark aisle - to trip you."


How do You Avoid getting LINKED with all the JERKS who came before you - in the mind of the Clerk or CockTail Waitress or Cashier?



3.00 Discount at
CVS w/LOTTO ticket

I bopped into a new pharmacy today.
Got some stuff and took it to the counter
at the front of the store.

A bottle of water and 4 or 5 bottles.

No clerk so I rang the little bell.
A brown-haired girl showed up.

I Thanked her – Handed her a Lotto Ticket
for “Interrupting her work to help me.”

She told me if I took an application
to sign up for the Discount Club – I’d
get 3.00 off.

So I did. And threw the application
away in the trash.

I’ll trade 1.00 to make 3.00
all day long.
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Old January 25, 2017, 04:57 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default Flirt Tipping at His GirlFriends Birthday Party - YIKES

Thanks Tom,

Flirt Tipping for Extra C*ash is Unpredictable unless you Follow the Step by Step
DIRECTIONS in Section 3 of my "Flirt & Grow Richer" book.

But Before you Jump into the FLIRT Moolah Making Systems you should get
in some Flirt Tipping Practice.

Like anything.

Practice makes perfect.

Except with FLIRT TIPPING - you really can't go wrong. Or even make a Serious
Mistake. It's all Fun.

For Example:

This guy - Glen - with one N.

DOLLAR BILL - Flirt Tipped the Waitress BEFORE and DURING and AFTER the meal. And did it at his Girl Friends Birthday Party.

Got a SURPRISE Result.

Greetings Glenn,

Last night was the girlfreinds birthday (50). We went to Red Lobster in Kalamazoo for dinner to celebrate the event. I am one who drinks a lot of water with my meal. Normally 4 to 5 glasses. We got our table and the waitress ask for drink orders.

I always order 2 glasses of water to start. When she brought the drinks I gave her a dollar. She smiled and took it.

She brought us those hot rolls that Red Lobster is famous for and I gave her another dollar. She smiled and took the dollar. The rolls were wolfed down in a hurry. Our waitress went by and noticed the empty roll basket.

She delivered the other peoples food and brought us more rolls. Again, another dollar and a big grin. Between numerous glasses water and lots of rolls I gave her 8 dollars. Every time a smile and a chuckle.

The time came for desert. She gave us the rundown of every desert on the entire menu. When she brought our deserts, I received a double portion of Plunge Cake and 2 scoops of ice cream. And a huge smile. Again, I gave her a dollar.

My girfriend and the other couple were in the restroom when our waitress brought the bill.

No charge on the bill for our deserts and she slipped me a small piece ofpaper with her name and telephone number. Hell, I am old enough to be her father. But then again, variety is the spice of life.

I love this stuff ! Thanks much!


P.S. Glenn (you spell your name with one to many N's)
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Old January 26, 2017, 12:44 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default Teacher Impresses His Wife w/Flirt LOTTO Tipping

Thanks Tom,

I have a mentor who has a motto:

"The more people I help the luckier I get."

I Believe This is true.

The Question is -

How do lots and lots of people help tons of others
without going to a Great Deal of Effort and Expense.

FLIRT Tipping with...

1.00 Bills

and 1.00 Coins

and 1.00 LOTTO Tickets is one proven way to help others as you go thru your day.

In my own Experience and with Clients and others we give ideas to
the LOTTO TICKET FLIRTING and other munny giveaways has a Give-To-Get Magic to it.

So you Really Can Make Yourself Luckier.

But you gotta have Faith.


Stay Positive.

Because Usually Good Luck --in the form of Extra Dinero-- from LOTTO Tip Flirting does not happen right away.

Unless you employ a proven System.

Dear Glenn,

WOW! I tried your suggestion with the dollar bill tipping at a restaurant and was very surprised at thereaction.

I decided to take my wife out to lunch at a local restaurant catering to the average suburban type. Good food, portions, etc. When the server brought our water, I thanked her for her smile and gave her a dollar. She looked at me with a questioning look but said thank you.

When she brought our bread and salads, I tipped her again and mentioned that was doing a good job with all the customers around. She said thank you very much and immediately went and talked to her co-worker. I couldn''t hear what they were saying, but they both looked over and then looked at each other with mouths open.

Ha! Next the server brought us a free refill on our drinks in GIANT glasses! I tipped her again mentioning how much we appreciated the service. She almost bustedout of her uniform with the smiling.

The manager next came by to see what was up. He asked if we were enjoying ourselves. We said yes, greatly. I was thinking that maybe I shouldn''t try to tip the manager, but decided, what the heck, and tried anyway.

He didn't take the money, but seemed very happy that we were pleased.

Our server AND her co-worker came by to give us more drinks and bread. I tipped them both! They seemed like little schoolgirls walking away laughing.

As we were checking out, our server came up, put her hand on my forearm and said that we were some of the nicest people she had ever served. We thanked her and gave her FIVE dollars as we were leaving. The eleven bucks extra it cost us was a small price to pay for such a great time. I never had so much fun going out to eat!

You have my permission to use any of this letter in a way you see fit.

Thanks, Glenn.

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Old January 26, 2017, 01:37 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default Fiona Rules A Restaurant w/Flirt Tipping PIZZAZZ

Thanks Tom,

FOCUS is Important.

You know how everyone today is SO BUSY texting and Answering their
Cell Phone that they DO NOT FOCUS on the folks standing in front of them?

Even Sales people Will answer the phone
while a customer (You & Me) is standing at their counter
wanting to Buy.


A the Question is -

HOW Do We Persuade Folks to FOCUS on Us?

FEEL Good About Spending Time with us?



Let's Consult MARK TWAIN - the famous American Speaker and Writer.

In the days Before The Internet
Mark Twain did speaking tours.

STEP I - A white haired man would step to the podium and Endorse,
Applaud and Tell How GREAT Mark Twain was.

STEP II - Then the man would walk off the stage.

STEP III - The SAME White Haired Man Would then Walk Back
on Stage and Begin His SPEECH.

Mark would say, "I'd like to THANK the Distinguished Gentleman from
Kentucky for that amazing Introduction..."



In Silence without Speaking.


a - At first the audience is confused.

b - Then a few chuckles

c - Then laughter Sweeps the room as EVERYONE Realizes that
Mark Twain has had the SHEER GALL to Introduce himself in GLOWING TERMS.

The Audience is FOCUSED!

The Audience is SMILING and in a Positive Mood.

The Audience is In Rapport and READY TO LISTEN.

Mark Twain Has CREDENTIALED Himself as someone

Because The Audience Recognizes that THEY Don't Know how to DO what
Mark Twain just did - on Stage.


(EDITORS NOTE - You May be Asking Yourself, "SELF, What Does Mark Twain Have
to do with FLIRT TIPPING For Fun and Profit?)


Thanks for asking.

JUST Suppose You Invite an IMPORTANT Prospect for Lunch? And Arrive Early
for your meeting at the Restaurant.

(Out in the Country we call What we're About to SHARE with You ***PRIMING
THE PUMP.*** In The Good Old Days of Hand Dug Wells. In Order to Get The
Hand Pump to Pump Water OUT of the Well You Had to POUR WATER INTO The
Well - First.)

#1 - You Flirt Tip The Manager

#2 - You Flirt Tip the Concierge.

#3 - You Flirt Tip The Waitresses and The Waiters and the Bell Boys and the

#4 - You Give LOTTO Tickets to The Cooks and the Chef's helpers. Thank them
for their hard work.

#5 - When Your VIP Guest Arrives You Greet Him/her. Sit Down and the Waitress
Brings your menus. And You SMILE - She GRINS Back as you (Cuz She KNOWS what is coming) Thank Her and hand her ANOTHER Lotto ticket.

And another.

And another.

All through the meal. More and more waiters and bus boys and managers
show up at your table to be of Service.


QUESTION #1 - Do You Think This FOCUSES Your Guest on YOU?

Q #2 - Do You Agree He or She Will Be CURIOUS?

Q #3 - When the manager comes over to say, "Hi" and other diners start
LOOKING over at Your Table Because You are The Center of Attention....

Q #4 - Do You Think You Seem Suddenly More IMPORTANT to your Prospect?

Q #5 - Might You Have Credentialed Yourself In His Mind? AND Created
Rapport so They are Willing to LISTEN to and RESPECT You?

QUESTION for ya.

Do you think all of the above can happen BY ACCIDENT?


You Might Be Surprised.

Fiona Added her Personal Female Flirt PIZZAZZ on top of the Flirt Tipping

And Created Some CHAOS.

Because she didn't have an Out-come Planned. And Didn't Prime the Pump by alerting the Restaurant Staff - ahead of time.

Fionas Testimonial -


I tested the Dollar Bill Flirt Tipping while going out to dinner with some friends.

It was simply amazing.

My friends & the waiter were looking at me like I was on crack.
I gave out the dollar tip and a "Thank You" for everything the waiter did, take our order, bring drinks, refill drinks.

Other waiters came out to help us during the meal.

Towards the end of our meal the waiters were all hovering
over our table like vultures.

This really pissed off the other tables,
they were complaining to the manager.

This Flirt Tipping stuff is pretty powerful.
You have my permission to share this success -
anonymously - with others and use it in your marketing.


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Old January 26, 2017, 02:05 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default Mike Uses Flirt Tipping to Get VIP Treatment in Nightclub

Thanks Tom,

All The Experts agree that having a Plan is good.

But sometimes you have to WAIT a While before you DECIDE what
to do. What ideas you INCLUDE in your Plan.

Let me Explain.

I recently watched John Cleese - of *Monty Python* Fame - Give a Talk to
Google employees.

He Quoted a Scientific Study of Genius (Award Winning) Biz Owner Architects
VS Average Architects.

The Study author had interviewed Members of both groups and Found 2 BIG

The Genius Group Differed in Only 2 Areas...

#1 - They Spend a LOT of their time PLAYING.

Doing all kinds of Silly, Stupid Stuff that has NOTHING to do with their jobs.

#2 - They Delayed and Procrastinated and dragged their Heels - as long as possible - BEFORE MAKING A DECISION.

John Cleese (Does this himself) and says he believes All New Ideas are
discovered as a Result of Spending Quiet Time - to allow your Unconscious to
Push NEW THOUGHTS to the surface of your mind.

PLAY facilitates the Unconscious.


Because Most People QUICKLY come to a decision - Because NOT Deciding.
Staying in LIMBO - is STRESSFUL. Most folks make Decision Way BEFORE
the deadline.

Thus freezing out any Possibility of Finding a New or Different Idea
that might Be Innovative and Creative and GREAT.


But what do you think about PLAYING with the GOLDEN RULE OF RECIPROCITY
Law of Success that Napoleon Hill talks about?

Increasing Your Pay-it-Forward PLAY TIME
Flirt Tipping
or Waiter?

Mike At The NightClub -


Went to a nightclub with a friend I hadn't seen in a VERY long time. We managed
to get a seat (lucky - the place was packed). Took ages for the first drinks to

Waitress brings them over.

Tip her $1. The corners of her mouth turn up slightly.

When the glasses were empty we signaled for her again. Got a refill. $1 tip.
A grin.

Didn't have to signal her again. As soon as the glasses were empty she was over
to us. Another? Yep. $1 tip. Big smile )

Next round... she was over before we had finished out drinks. Another $1.

Then, it was like which of the waitresses was going to be the one to serve us.
Never had such good service in that place. Ever. Never had to wait for a drink or
to be served. Other people had to wait.

As for cost? Who cares? Nightclub prices are inflated anyway. What's an extra 50
cents per drink to be treated like royalty? Was well worth it.

Also, You can use this in any of your marketing - Glenn.


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Old January 26, 2017, 02:22 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default Edgar Says, "My Waitress THANKED ME for a Great New Experience."

Thanks Tom,

426 Million Mentor, Walter Hailey, taught me that EMPATHY is the key
to communication and Successful Sales.

Just Suppose You Got Bored with Eating
out at Restaurants.

With Meals at home too.

What could you do?

Here's what I DO Sometimes.

I order my meal BACKWARDS.






Great fun for me.

And - I discovered - FUN for my waiter or waitress too.

That is when I had a EUREKA MOMENT.

Waiters and Waitresses and Clerks and Cocktail Waitresses
and Wal-Mart Cashiers and Deli Counter clerks are

BORED - out of their minds.

So if you are able to MAKE THEIR BORING Job

A Little WEIRD.

They Really, Really Appreciate You.

Don't Take Just MY Word.

Listen to Edgar.

Dear Glenn,

I am really impressed by all the incredible one-of-a-kind marketing info that you
send to your e-mail list. I am pretty familiar with many "effective" techniques,
but yours are truly top-notch.

On a even better note, as an aside, my wife is pregnant with our first! We are so
excited...the first grandchild for both of our parents too! is my dollar bill tipping testimonial:

We were at the beach for Memorial Day and we were having a grand time all day
Friday, partying and whooping it up.

We decided to do the dollar bill tipping technique for the first time at a great
restuarant right on the ocean. We sat down and the waitress immediately
brought us water and freshened our beverage order. Boom, out comes a dollar
and a big smile for her.

She said, "excuse me sir, you can tip me at the end." I told her we had lived in
Mustique for a short time and this is how they tip there, during the meal. She
said, okay, reluctantly and smiled awkwardly, almost embarrased and took the

We all chuckled.

Then back come the drinks and out comes another dollar.

A sly, flirty smile for me.

Back for the order...another dollar and a bigger smile.

ANOTHER waitress brings more silverware...she is handed a dollar with a thank
you and she replies, "I heard about you" with a big smile.

Another guy brings a napkin, is given a dollar and he responds with, "for me?" I
said "yes" and "thank you" and he almost lost his eyeballs through his head and
says "thanks"--it was almost like he had never seen a dollar.

The evening progressed like this and after getting the bill for about $100 we
figured we tipped about $20 total.

As we were leaving, our waitress pulled me aside and said, THANK YOU for a
great new experience."

It was a great night had by all.

Feel free to use this in your material.

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Old January 26, 2017, 03:07 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default Garret Says, "What Fun! My Waiter Wouldn't Shut Up"

Thanks Tom,

Women I share FLIRT TIPPING with start laughing when I tell them, "I know
Flirting with Hunky Men is a chore. But Buck up. The more Flirt Practice
you get with Handsome Waiters and Bartenders - the better you get at
Persuading guys to buy your stuff.

Practice Does help.

Many people are not used to Chatting while in Deep Rapport.

Plainly Stated:

FLIRT TIPPING is a ShortCut to Rapport.

Said Differently:

FLIRT TIPPING Creates Quick Trust.


Total Strangers will TALK Your Head Off unless you LEAD the Conversation.


This recently happened to me when I was LOTTO Tipping
but not paying enough attention.

a - Dinner with a friend

b - Lotto ticket when Gail brought water

c - Lotto ticket when she handed me a menu

d - Lotto ticket when She brought our food

e - Lotto ticket with the bill.

My Dinner partner - was ALSO in deep Rapport with our waitress - due to all my
Lotto Tipping.


I got treated to a Fascinating discussion of HIGH or LOW placed computer
keyboards as they relate to her risk of Carpel tunnel at her OLD Job.

And Gails New Full time job at Data Entry - Medical Billing
for a local Hospital.

THEN we were off to the races on an Equally Exciting Subject! Which computer
keyboard Gail likes best.

To Shut this down I Had to Wave Both Arms
over my head like a Baseball Umpire.

Just to Get Gail's Attention. And Bluntly say, "I want to go home. It's getting late. Could we have the bill, please?"

this Side Effect of FLIRT TIPPING?

***You Lead the Conversation where YOU Want to go.

***You ASK the waitress what you want to know.

***What I Usually ask towards the end of the meal After FLIRT Through
a couple courses is, "Have you met any Local Small Business Owners

***Do You remember their name or business name? Maybe I can
call them up and the two of us come Back HERE to visit You for lunch."


***You aren't in Kansas Anymore, Dorothy!***

One FLIRT TIPPING Effect - can be like sitting on a Psychologists couch
listening to your Waitress or any friend at the table - (while you Flirt tip)
talk and talk and talk.

UNLESS You Take command.


Another Example from a Client -


I was darn hungry today - so the little lady and I decided to dine at one of those
chain steakhouses with the country & western decor. ""Get along little

Anyway our waiter, Chet, comes over and asks us what we would like to drink. I
order the iced tea and the little lady orders water with lemon.

Let the fun begin!!

Chet brings out the drinks and sets them in front of us. I smile and promptly
hand him a $1 bill.

Bam! He looks at me like I am a nut-job or something! HA HA HA! I smile back at
him. He pauses and finally replies ""Th-thanks!""

I can barely contain my laughter! The little lady is starting to laugh as well! We
manage to keep our composure and he moves on. This is a BLAST! A few
moments later he brings us some bread and I sense his mood is elevated. (The
bread sucked by the way.) I give him another $1 bill.

WHAM! I could have knocked him over with a feather. Now he gives me another
weird look and then a broad smile. I smile back and he says ""Thank you, Sir.""

This scenario plays out throughout the meal.

This Flirt stuff works!

How do I know?

I asked this guy a simple question about how long he has worked at the
restaurant and he would not shut up. I soon learned he is to wed soon, he owns
4 dogs, a cat, he just moved from Florida, etc., etc, etc.

(This is rapport ** correct?)

I think I had his whole life story for the last 5 years.

This guy seemed very shy as well - I noticed that he did not initiate a
conversation with any other patrons in the restaurant except for what they
wanted to order. But he went out of his way to talk to me.

Furthermore, rarely does anyone call me ""sir"", especially by someone about 10
years younger than me. (I''m 32).

Our service was great.

I even tipped the lady who brought out the food for our waiter. ""Well, thank you
so much!"" she exclaimed after a moment of stunned silence.

I think I made her day. Don''t tell my fiance this, but she was quite a ""hottie"".

What fun!!!

I think I spent 8-9 dollars in tips overall. It was worth every penny.


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Old January 26, 2017, 03:19 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default Helen-The-Realtor Gets 10% Discount For 12 Friends

Thanks Tom,

Helen had a plan.

And she was prepared.

AND EXPECTED to get Wonderful Results.


Hey Glenn,

Well, as I told you in my previous email, it looked like it was going to be a long
wait at the restaurant. But with the ***thank your card strategy*** to the
hostess it took all of 5 min. for us to get the table.

My friend who was standing next to me, didn't see what I was writing, but saw
that I had given the card to the receptionist, and was intensely curious as to
what I had done when we got the table so fast.

Smiling, I told her I would show her later in the evening. When we were seated, I
purposely took the chair closest to the walkway. When the waiter came (we
lucked out and got a good looking guy) we all ordered.

When he returned I made eye contact with him and gave him my order. He gave
me good eye contact back and took me as the one in charge of the table. We all
chose seperate checks, which you could see somewhat bothered him because he
would have to do 12 different totals instead of one.

I slipped out ***a dollar*** from my purse and gave it to him when my friends
were finishing up their orders. I told him thank you. We continued with our
chatting while waiting for our meals. He came right back with our breadsticks
and salad. (Another dollar).

Then he was back again within 5 min. letting us know that our meals were
cooking and that they should be out shortly. Now remember this restaurant was
full, every table was full. He also refilled a few drinks. I was having a lot of fun. I
was visiting with friends I hadn't seen in years, and was getting great service for
us with just a few little tricks I learned from you.

A few minutes later, he walked past again and smiled at me. Just me. I knew then
that the Flirt Tips were working. Our food was done and he brought it out along with a
few other guys. It was piping hot and was delicious. When he was done setting
the food out, I gave him another dollar and thanked him again for his top notch

The evening went great. The girls commented on how attentive he was, all the
while never noticing that I had given him a few dollars during the meal. When
the meal was over, he brought back our tickets...all 12 of them. I paid with my
credit card, so I put it in the pouch along with a $5 bill.

I also decided to write a quick thank you note.

When he brought back our receipts, he had given our table a 10% discount. (I
have no idea what for, but accepted it). I took you advice from another free e-
zine...(the dollar tipping) and thought the evening was a huge success.

I would love to try more of these ideas and give you feedback if you will let me.
Oh, the friend that was so curious as to what I had given the hostess called me
up the next evening and begged me to tell her what I had said to get such fast
service. I told her that it was the thank you card.

She was surprised that was what it was, and that it had worked so well. I told her
that she was there front and center to see it happen before her eyes. So now she
is a believer as well as myself.

You may use this for your testimonials if you would like. Just do not use my last name.



Last edited by Glenn : January 26, 2017 at 03:21 PM. Reason: change 1 word
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Old January 26, 2017, 03:39 PM
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 918
Default ***KING Of Las Vegas*** - Flirt Tip Testimonial

Thanks Tom,

Just Suppose you looked at a few dozen FLIRT TIPPING Testimonials
and Stories - all in one place.

Like in a book.

Do You Know what a Rorschach Test is?

You show folks ink blots and they TELL you what each one reminds them of.


We've been Collecting FLIRT TIPPING TESTIMONIALS for years. And it's
clear to me that each Testimonial can tell you Quite a bit about the writer.

For Example:

Will--from-Las Vegas LOVES ATTENTION.

Will Told me that When he walks into a room full of people he WANTS
ATTENTION. He ENJOYS having everyone look at him.

And that is what Will LIKES BEST about FLIRT TIPPING.

His Goal is POSITIVE Energy and Grabbing ATTENTION.

Check out his FLIRT TIPPING Results -

Dear Glenn,

Today I did another test.

I took my wife's sister out for her birthday. I don't
really like her… to tell you the truth… I think she's
a @*#%&!…



This looked like the perfect time to test out the tip
technique. 5 of us sat down (my wife, me, her sister,
our brother-in-law, and their 18 year old daughter).

As everyone went to the buffet, my wife asked the
waitress to bring us a birthday cake later for her
sister. The restaurant was busy… the waitress was
carrying tons of dishes… she gave my wife this leer…
this loooong "why are you asking me this sh*t" LEER…

"Sure thing" came out of the waitress's mouth.

I told my wife to go get her food… "I will handle

When the waitress came back with our drinks… I reached
into my pants pocket… the front one that sometimes the
inner pocket folds and you can't get any damn thing
out of it… and I gave her one-dollar.

She looks at me funny.

Shakes her head back and forth… then walks on.
Now we all are sitting at the table. A large one…
with other tables right up next to us… you have to be
careful when you get up or you would bump into someone
while they are eating.

The waitress comes to get an empty plate… I give her
one-dollar. She now looks at me in my eyes… then
walks on.

The waitress returns… pours drinks for the table… I
give her one-dollar. She starts the giggle… a huge
smile comes up on her face… then walks on.

Now a new waitress walks by… she pours us more drinks.

I give her one-dollar. She starts to giggle… then
she walks on.

Another waitress comes by… pours our drinks… I give
out the old trusty dollar… she starts to giggle… then
she walks on.

Now… we can't take more than two swallows before a
waitress is pouring us drinks… I'm still handing out
the good old dollar.

I look around our table… looking at the other tables.
Glasses waiting for someone to fill them… like being
lost out in the desert… glasses that just sit there…
waiting for a waitress…

"Do you need another drink?" Sure… and I give out
another dollar. As I watch her pass up the other

Soon the 18 year old daughter looks at me and asks…
"why don't you give me a tip?" Then her mother, my
wife's sister says "you have already given out 4
dollars… are you rich or something?"

I tell her "I'm just testing an idea"… then our
glasses are filled once again…

Her birthday cake came with every waitress (6 in all)
singing happy birthday. All service stopped in the
place. Everyone was looking at our table while we

They all (the waitresses) looked at me and started
giggling. I smiled back…

As we got up to leave… all the waitresses formed a
line to say goodbye. I've been coming to this
restaurant for one year now… I've never seen that!

My sister in law tells me it's the best time she every
had at a restaurant here in Las Vegas… everyone in
Vegas is so jaded.

Everyone looks at me like I'm a KING…

King Will… King of Las Vegas…

Now listen to this…

All I spent tipping was… SEVEN DOLLARS!!!!!

Seven dollars to be the King of Las Vegas.

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