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Old March 11, 2019, 12:43 PM
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Default Kick out the chocks.

Since airplanes are headline news today, let us examine Harvey Brody teachings a bit deeper.

Taking the chocks away is the last thing done before the plane begins to taxi to the runway. A Pre Flight checklist has been gone over, ALL green, or all YES good to go checks have been made.

This is basically an onboard equipment check, to make sure everything is working. BEFORE this, a team of mechanical experts have inspected the plane and they give the go ahead if it is air worthy.

BEFORE this, there is a FLIGHT PLAN registered, and any adjustments made, mostly last minute due to weather or an event.

So, way back either in the wee morning hours or months or years ago, there was a DESTINATION selected. The nearest airport to me is Kent State and then Akron Municipal, then Akron-Canton, and then Cleveland Hopkins.

I can take a small plane out of Kent. A small jet from Akron muni , bigger jet from Akron-Canton, and the biggest jet from Cleveland.

The size of the plane is determined by the INTENT. What is the purpose of the flight? Most of the flights out of both Kent State and Akron Muni are RECREATIONAL. Small planes, many single engines, with a pilot and one or two passengers.

They fly for FUN.

Before the pilot can take off, she has to file her flight plan, and the "tower" or authority in whatever case gives her the daily weather report, the visibility, wind, etc. She has limits to how low and how high she can fly, and what air space to avoid. She can't fly over Akron-Canton airport space, for example.

So even with a very simple, "hey let's take a plane ride", there has to be planning and checking. Her plane needs to be fueled. It has to be ready to fly. The airport has control of her take offs and landings.

I think everyone gets HARVEY'S plane metaphor.

A- Select your destination and PURPOSE.
B- Plan your flight; time, duration, Estimated Time of Departure/Arrival.
C- Check your vehicle for fuel, mechanical readiness.
D- Check your on board equipment for functionality.
F- Get instructions from Tower.


See, in business, and here and Warrior Forum will give us scores of examples we find people who want to get SOMEWHERE, call it success on a map, and they want to jump off a building and flap their arms really hard, and

SPLAT. Whoops there goes another Internet Marketer's dream.

Let me give a real life example from my own past. And in this example, I'll try to combine the HB principles we've discussed so far.

A- I wanted to write a specialty report for my buying and selling experiences. The purpose was to SELL it and provide valuable information while making money doing it.

My view from the rooftop was: To sell reports to Entrepreneurial and Biz-Op markets. I knew it was a big market, had been in it for some time. My step off rung was when the ad in the paper went live and I got ORDERS.

B- Now in order to sell the report, I had to WRITE the report. This would be like getting the training to fly a plane. You don't learn to fly in a day, or shouldn't. So there were time tables BEFORE I could kick out the chocks.

Being pretty structured in my writing time, I knew what I wanted, worked from an outline, and the original SPRINT TO FREEDOM report was written in 30 days time. I shudder when I think about the tools, my brand new 286 Pentium state of the art PC, Works 1.5 or something, HP laser printer, which weighed about 60 pounds. YIKES!

I also knew where I wanted to advertise it, in Biz Op type mags, newsletters, hotsheets and CIRCULAR pubs, which were still very active back then. I wrote the promotion for it first, even before I finished the report.

Some of you have experienced this too, my first assignment with almost everyone is: WRITE the promotion for your product/project. It helps you to identify the WHO is going to be interested in it. And where you might find your customers.

Sadly, it is often the last consideration of people starting an IM or even an Information Product business. They leave the WHO will buy it to the very last thing to consider. Sad.

Anyhow, if you have a flight pan from Akron, OH to New York City, you won't be flying westward, or if you do for not very long. Sometimes you have to go in the opposite direction to avoid weather or incidents or traffic in the sky. But once you get to ALTITUDE, you'll b checking the compass for your heading.

Too many people crash on take-off, BECAUSE they neglected their vehicle, their checklists, the goal, the reason for flying in the first place.

Now I like fire escape type ladders up the side of the bldg, and I use 7 steps in between each platform, before turning and going up more steps. So if my project is a 28 day deal, then each step up is one day. Day one might be write a promotion and identify TARGET MARKET. Day two could be, what are they currently buying, where? How much? How often? and Why?

Day 3 might be doing an outline. Day 28, the step off rung onto the roof could be testing PayPal button and download and cross it off my PRE FLIGHT checklist.

Some projects might take a year to do, so maybe my rungs are weekly checkpoints, instead of daily.

But all projects begin the same, with a clear view from the rooftop of what it is supposed to be, do, and who, in the case of customers, will buy it?

Any questions or comments so far?


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