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Old December 14, 2019, 06:52 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default PROOF Your Cell Phone is WORTHLESS & Has to Be Junked in 2020

Thanks Dien,

I Just Saw A Self Made B*illionaire speak.

He Focused on The Fact That The 10 Biggest USA Cities will Have 5G in 2020.
Several Hundred M*illion Chinese Already USE 5G. Globally a TRILLION D*ollars is being spent to Quickly Install 5G Towers.

Half Way thru.

I Paused it.

Went to My Computer and Bought A New WEIRD-WIDGET to Protect myself
from the New STRONGER - 5G Magnetic and EMF Radio Waves.


4G Damages Human DNA - 5G 100 Times Worse - My Tests

I found DOWSERS on youtube (Who I have Also seen Work close Up)
Who are now Finding Negative Radiation coming from a TV or Microwave.

Then Declare - "No More Bad EMF Radiation."

Using the "Weird-Widget" - TENSOR COIL.
(Explained Below)

DID You Know There are Tens of Thousands of DOWSERS in an Association or Society - spread all over the World?

I've watched them Find Water. (Then a well was Successfully drilled.)

Buried Pipes. (Then a BackHoe was safely used)


Now - I discovered this Guy, Brian, and his sister, Brenda, Who CAN SEE Auras and EMF Energy - in NORTH DAKOTA - Who Work with Dowsers All over The Planet.

Dowsing Ability.

So I Bought a EMF Radiation Detector.

I have

And Successfully TESTED - so far.

I Wrote this Letter to a GENIUS in Alternative Health.

Thanks Simon,

I - I Found a UK Retired Soldier - Using Low Grade EMF Radiation in Trucks
ringing BELFAST Protests. Changed Their DNA - Women cannot have Kids.

II - He says, "I have consulted for Gummnts all over the world. And the
Radiation I Tested and used to Make BELFAST terrorists EXTINCT was lower than
what is put out by your cell phone, wifi, computer, Tablets and SMART METER.


IV - I found Literally 100's of YouTube Videos - where HARVARD Grads and others
experienced TERRIBLE Health issues when a Smart Meter was added to their home.

V - Then Discovered a SHOCKER!

The Unit or Measure over the Entrance to The KINGS CHAMBER of the Great Pyramid When Created and turned into a LOOP of copper or silver.

Creates What they call a TENSOR RING.

One side IN - The other side OUT.

But When TWISTED - You Get a UNEXPLAINED Wave of Harmless Energy - ON BOTH SIDES that goes out for Miles.

I know.

I know.

Sounds CRAZY. Until I tested it myself.

VI - THIS MEANS The Advanced Civilization that Built the PYRAMIDS to Collect
and Shoot Energy to Each House HAD TO DEAL With The SAME RMF RADIATION!

AND FIXED Their RADIATION Problem too.


Explains WHY there is a Pyramid or 2 in Every Ancient City During the Time of The Pharaohs.




Science Fiction!

VII - I started Researching - then Testing. Found Brian (Who owns a Fast Growing Machine Shop in NORTH DAKOTA) - at
Whose Sister - Brenda -Can SEE EMF and The TENSOR Waves.

Which is WHY all his stuff WORKS.
I have bought Tensor Rings on ETSY - had to ask for moolah back. Just a Twisted Copper ring - NO TENSOR WAVE.

VIII - A YEAR AGO - I bought a GAUSS Radiation Detector Meter.

Put his EMF Tensor Rings over My Smart Meter, Wifi, Amazon Fire, Mac Computer
Where the GAUSS Meter BEEP Beep BEEPED.

And son of a gun if the Tensor Coil didn't Transmute the EMF
energy from 3.00 GAUSS Radiation down to .01 Gauss

IX - I just bought a "Tensor COIL" To WEAR -- That Brian says shoots Tensor
waves out from Your Body 360 degrees.

MY PLAN is - Clipped to my Key Ring.

I am going to Walk under the 100 Power Lines - 1/2 Mile from my house
and Test if the 3 foot to 5 foot Protective Body Barrier - He and His Sister Says
the TENSOR COIL creates - Transmutes all that energy.

And IF my Gauss Meter QUITS RINGING.

IF that Works.

Brian has Tensor Coils that Plug into a house WIRING - and Protect the Entire House (From EMF Radiation which goes Thru House Walls) VIA the Wires in The Walls. (I will Test that TOO Under the MASSIVE Electric Wires and Huge Transformer 1/2 mile from me.)


Brian Has S*ales Partners in Australia and Europe.
and his company is growing fast - IN NORTH DAKOTA - which is c*old as the dickens and covered in Huge ROCKS. I've driven thru.

Please TEST this Yourself.

SIMON - I Make MY OWN DECISIONS - But it would be NICE to have An EXPERT like Yourself Verify/Disagree or IMPROVE what I have Discovered and done.

Happy Holidays,


If You Meander over to Brian's website -


#1 - Brian does not know I am Endorsing him and his UN Scientifically Proven
Tensor Coil Technology.

#2 - Brian will SOUND Like a Mad Scientist WACKO. I admit I would not have
bought a DARN THING from him IF I had not Already RESEARCHED the Tensor
coil for Days and Days Before I Found him.

#3 - The Woo Woo Dowsers and Healers and Energy Workers That Comprise Brians CORE Audience...


#4 - But Every single Tensor Coil I have bought from Brian Transmutes EMF Radiation that makes my GAUSS METER RING - RING RING - and Shoot PAST

Disappears when A Twisted Copper Tensor Coil is Used.

#5 - A SUGGESTION. USE My Name - Glenn Osborn - I have ALREADY Spent 500+ bucks With Brian AND Just Ordered ONE MORE of a New Gizmo.

Back when I was Putting Tensor Rings to Transmute EMF Radiation from My SMART METER, Mac Computer, (I have one taped over the EMF Radiation area) Wifi, Amazon Fire AND have bought TENSOR Coils for 3 Neighbors to use on their iPhones.

5G is here in Baltimore ALREADY.

100 TIMES Stronger than 4G

NOW I have to WEAR something to Protect ME.
Create a Barrier to Protect me in my House.

FINAL POINT - The Scientisfic Studies I am starting to Find - that are Suppressed
or Ignored. Say that ALL Life - Insects, bugs, birds, bees, Grass, trees Animals
AND People suffer MAGNETIC and EMF Radiation Cellular Damage.

Your HEART sends out MAGNETIC Energy.
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