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by Gordon Alexander

I have a friend. A few years ago he was downsized. And since he and his wife were credit card junkies, it hit him hard. REAL HARD.

He had to move into a trailer (mobile home). Nothing wrong with that, I started my married life in one. But he HATES it. He says he doesn't belong in a "trailer park".

My friend has spent thousands of dollars over the years on MARKETING courses, mail order books, newsletters, courses, books, audio programs, videos and courses, books, GET THE IDEA?

He KNOWS more than many of my guru friends. The ones that sold him these courses. He is an expert. Can recite chapter and verse. Attended many SEMINARS too.

He is the most KNOWLEDGEABLE man I know that UNWILLINGLY lives in a trailer park.

Oh he keeps saying, "If I only had $10,000.00 THEN I could implement my plan and MAKE THE BIG MONEY."

He wants someone to give him ten grand. Imagine that. "Give me the money I'll show you what I can do."

I'm sure my friend is not the only one that thinks like this.

And he keeps rejecting what I have to offer him. He keeps saying, "Gordon, you're SMALL POTATOES, I want to run with the BIG DOGS."

My friend is right. I am small potatoes. He is not interested in learning what I do, or what I know. He wants to be a BIG FISH in the BIG POND.

He wants to take the stage with my guru friends. He wants to talk in front of thousands of people, and sell millions of dollars of products in the back of the room. He KNOWS this is where he really belongs.

And he has TRIED many projects. Tiny classified ads. Instant products. Reprint rights. Name it, he’s done it. But he winds up SPENDING money and makes very little. He gets discouraged. and buys the next money maker.

He won't "WASTE HIS TIME" buying and selling chattel. Small Potatoes.

Now this past year he did something that almost cost us our friendship. We used to be golfing buddies, he can't afford to play anymore. I play almost daily.

Anyhow, he came up with a GREAT IDEA. He was going to create his own marketing course. It would be a low cost front end, to bring in the names, and then a back-end of 500 bucks. Just like several of my guru friends teach. He KNEW this was the ticket out of the trailer park.

He worked hard on it before he showed it to me. Then I pooped on his parade. I said,

"Bob, you've never marketed anything successfully."

You would have thought I pulled a gun on him or something. I told him the truth. But it upset him. Nothing upsets ME more than someone selling something like this, and he is not the only one doing it. He thinks that if he models or copycats what the "Big Dogs" have done, he'll be running in the pack too. I wished him well, and I did not speak to him for several months.

I want NOTHING to do with this kind of stuff. Then a couple of months ago my friend calls. He is desperate. Can I float him a loan. "How are you going to pay it back", I ask. He has no answer.

I can't help. But I am willing to show him how to start small and grow by buying and selling chattel. He is so DESPERATE, he agrees. Now I would like to tell you that he took that information, the same knowledge that is in my CHATTEL REPORT, THE SPRINT TO FREEDOM and ran with it. Made lots of money. I'd like to tell you that, BUT I CAN'T.

He did make a few transactions, made a few hundred bucks. And then I didn't hear from him for a week. Then I called. He INVESTED in a course about making money on the INTERNET.

He just KNOWS this is going to be the thing. I asked him if he wanted to continue with chattel. He just laughed at me,

"Gordon that's small potatoes."

And he is right.

I don't think I'll call him a friend anymore. He is someone I know. A man from my past. But he is not a friend. Makes me sad. But. It is his choice.

Maybe soon you will attend a seminar and hear my friend talk. No, give a command performance, and he will tell you of his 4 now 5 year struggle living in a trailer park, and how he stuck with it and prospered, and you can do the same thing, his "course" will be available in the back of the room.

Could happen.

Probably won't. Those guys, my friends who DO this, who sell marketing courses have LIVED the experiences. They have done the work. They have been successful and they deserve your money and they deserve the wealth they accumulate. I have no problem with that.

It is fine for them. It does not suit me (hey I don't even own a suit anymore). What suits me is, well, small potatoes. And my time to do as I please.

NOW if you have the CHATTEL REPORT, you know I don't reveal details of my business. But let me share a "representative" week with you. A typical week. To show you what I do. Because maybe you don't want to run with the Big Dogs, maybe, just maybe you are sincere about making changes in your life.

Now the figures I use are for representation only. I imply nothing and you should infer nothing from these figures. I do think you will find them credible.

After my morning routine, exercise, a swim, check out e-mail, my web sites. I WALK to the PO. Open up my box, and gather a hand full of envelopes. 3 orders for the Chattel Report. 2 orders for the UTTER POWR tape. A re-order for my golf tape. A few ads.

Head home. "Process" orders. About an hour, at the most. Usually while I'm surfing on-line. Photocopy, and endorse checks or money orders. And on the way to the golf course, a stop at the bank and PO to deposit and mail.

WOW, Gordy a measly 3 orders for your chattel report. HA. That is small potatoes. Yes it is. 3 a day. 6 days a week. Ain't getting rich on that one. Same with the UTTER POWER tape. Peanuts there too. Day after day of peanuts, And about an hour of time, at the most.

On the way to the course I spy a pop-up camper sitting in a front yard. Never noticed this before and I NOTICE everything. Have trained myself to do this.

Knock on the door, recognize the man that answers, he recognizes me. We don’t know each other, but we have seen each other around. He tells me the pop up belongs to his nephew, who just got a divorce down in Florida, and has moved back to the area, and needs quick cash to re-start his life. FAR more information than I asked for, but pleased to get. I know how to LISTEN.

I ask how much. The nephew wants 3500. I say I'll give him 2200 cash right now. He says nephew will be by in about an hour, talk to him. I do. He takes the cash. My "pitch" is this. You can let it sit our front for a FEW weeks and maybe get your price, it is worth it to some folks. But season's almost over, but if you ain't in no hurry, let it sit. (I KNOW UTTER POWER).

Make the deal, and flip it same week for 3900. 1700 bucks for a couple of hours (hardly). Chump change to my wannabee guru former friend.

Wed. comes, I search and scour the want ads. Spend the morning finding stuff to buy. Check my PO BOX. A small 600 dollar check from one of the marketing companies I used to work for. A commission check for selling their products on-line. Later in the week get another 300 residual check for a promotion it took me two hours to write, a year ago. Now my friend when he begins to run with the BIG dogs, they'll LAUGH at that. Good copywriters are paid THOUSANDS for their efforts, they make a TON of money.

Good for them. I ghost write. I create promotions almost always on commission, if they don't work, I never get that itty bitty little 300 dollar check that rolls in every week like clockwork.

Oh, in today's mailbox, another little check for 80 bucks, form another INTERNET associate who I'm working with.

Monday. night I have a workshop to do. But instead of putting on my 3 piece suit and raking in millions of bucks while thrilling an audience of thousands. I teach 20 people how to make money from the Internet. Not BIG money. Just a few small potatoes.

I have a blast at my seminar. Walk away with a 1000 bucks for a couple of FUN hours. We laugh, we party. They LOVE me, cause I'm going to be around and they can contact me with questions. I'm not here today, gone tomorrow. But a measly thousand for my two hours. Well you know my friend is laughing at me and my small potatoes. What a rank amateur I am in this whole world of marketing. What a fool I must be. Gordon, he says, if you ever really APPLIED yourself, you could be a superstar in this field.

I gulp. Gosh, maybe I should apply myself. Maybe I should forego my daily golf game. Maybe I should tell the kids that Dad will play tennis with them when I get back from my 35 city tour of speaking and selling things in the back room.

Maybe I should tell my brothers, you guys handle things here, I'm going after the big money. Maybe I should tell the folks down at the soup kitchen, I can't help out any more, got to go make some REAL money. Maybe I should surrender my TIME, my days, my life, so I can pursue REAL WEALTH. BIG MONEY. SO I CAN RUN WITH THE BIG DOGS.

So I don't get e-mail that says, "Gordon, I've never heard of you, you certainly aren't one of the GURUS."

And of course I smile when I get this.

Because friends I'm just SMALL POTATOES. Let the other guys be the Filet Mignon, or Roast Duck or Lobster. Let my friends be the MAIN COURSE, the expensive part of the meal. Me, I'm just a side order of small potatoes.

Potato chips, potato salad, fries, hash browns, skins, soup, A LOT OF VARIETY, but just small potatoes, none the less.

So this July 4th, as we celebrate FREEDOM. I would like thank all of you, who over the years, have sent me checks, money orders, used my writing abilities (cheap as they are), attended one of my SQUARE ONE WORKSHOPS, bought a resume from me, took a golf lesson. Had me develop a product for you. Developed a marketing plan for your pizza shop, wrote telemarketing scripts, went door to door with me to learn HOW to sell your products. To you. The few, The ones that have heard of me. The ones I serve. I thank you.

THANK YOU for allowing me to live the life I choose. The life I want to live. For providing me with a way of remaining a small potatoes guy, surrounded by PRIME RIB and not the ground beef wannabees who want to run with the big dogs.

Enjoy your FREEDOM. I salute my fellow veterans, and those that served in the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps (I was a member too). I salute you who desire FREEDOM, those of you that will work for INDEPENDENCE, who will accept the responsibility of your own life. I salute you.

And I challenge you. While you're waiting to enjoy the good life of caviar and champagne, try a few potatoes, and enjoy TODAY, because tomorrow ain't promised to any one, not even the big dogs of marketing.


Copyright 2000 Gordon J. Alexander and Seeds of Wisdom Publishing, All Rights Reserved