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December 12, 2017, 03:34 PM
Thanks Gordon!

Looks like a good visualization / brainstorming / planning tool for online marketing...

It might be motivational too, since once you've planned out a so-called "funnel" you might be more motivated to actually create it... :)

Best wishes!


A lot of people will start with the capture page, but on this software, you put in the source. So, before you have an opt in, or capture page, you need traffic, and targeted traffic, so you have to see where that is going to come from.

I look at it as a STIMULUS/RESPONSE model which makes you give focus and attention to every step. You can add your upsells, downsells, back ends and it ends up being a lot like the CHECKLISTS in Ben Suarez' book, 7 STEPS TO FREEDOM II.

By SEEING it, I think it would be helpful to those in the early stages of their ventures, might uncover some bog down or slop in their thinking.


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