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December 21, 2017, 11:00 AM
Thank you for sharing this, Gordon.

I agree: the tool does help in spotting loopholes in one's thinking

As a bonus, the Facebook group has a few helpful video case studies that show behind-the-scenes of some profitable funnels.

By the way, I've watched the membership of that FB group skyrocket in DAYS.

And the funny thing is: I doubt if I would have joined that group if I hadn't seen your recommendation of the tool here.

Says a lot about the power of networks, doesn't it?

A pretty decent template, when you add the view from the rooftop, and the rungs of the ladder.

IF your goal is to get people to pay you for something, a product or service, I find it a good starting point to start there, with the WHO. You will usually find who is on first base (HA!).

You can't score until you tag all the bases in Baseball. Too many people want to hit home runs, which they are told to swing for the fences, aim for the stars, think big and all that...but a look at reality shows, getting base hits, advancing the runner, one base at a time is often more effective than having home run hitters at the plate and striking out a lot.

I saw this software as a tool. Honestly, I find a piece of paper to work just as well. I like to use 17x22" paper, cause my printer can print that size...and have it on a cork board to look at. It is surrounded by white boards, most of which I make myself from heavy card stock or poster board and wrap it in clear shelf liner, makes a dry erase board.

I know that many people prefer the phone, computer and the cloud. But lose electricity, or the battery dies, and ooops. I can SEE my boards and change them simply with an eraser and a marker.

At one time, I think I actually helped a few people develop them as potential products, can't remember what ever happened.

TOOLS. Don't be like the guy who had all the tools one could want in his garage, but never used them (that would be me). I found I liked loaning them out to family and friends, more than actually powering them up...because me and power tools would have led to nicknames, like lefty or pinkie.

Tools are only as good as the person using them.

Many people just FIRE, READY, AIM...and some of them even get the success they seek.

The software, the free version, really doesn't do anything a person couldn't do with Open Office and creating flow charts, pretty much the same thing.

But, I'm glad someone found it useful. Thanks for lettin us know.


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