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December 16, 2017, 11:21 AM
Hi Gordon,

Thanks for writing this!

Some businesspeople don't know the "creed"... and they are often extremely annoying people.

I hope more people know the "creed"... Not only will these people be more successful, but also more people will enjoy dealing with them (and buying from them) too! :)

Best wishes,


I would say MOST businesspeople know the creed, but they DON'T APPLY it. Everyone here at SowPub knows it, we've wrapped it in our logo, we talk about it, we've got thousands of posts about it...

I read today that Dan Kennedy said something like, salespeople need to be reeducated every Monday morning, they forget what they know over the weekend.

I agree with this, and I do it too (SCI and Ben Suarez used to make Monday Morning meetings mandatory, not to be missed) because everyone reveiewed what they were doing and why.

I use Monday morning to create my weekly checklist of what I want done, actually start it Sunday evening, but first thing Monday morn, I review and revise as things come up.

Read the CREED 4 times a day for the first 30 days, Morn, Noon, Evening and Bedtime. But give 5 minutes after reading it to THINK about it and ask yourself questions to get the most out of it.

This time of the year, people eat Holiday goodies, gain weight, think NEW YEAR and make resolutions, which are quicky broken...sure they want to lose weight, but what do they really want?

When you use the POP at the end of the CREED report,

and DO as it advises, you'll incorporate the CREED into your business and it automatically makes your business better.

Thanks Dien, nothing new in the CREED, except the DO.


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