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January 12, 2018, 10:48 AM
Eight years ago I made a discovery in the basement of Green Tree Press in Erie PA. It was right after Dien had left, and we were excited about his book to be published.

The discovery was life changing.

It was an ad written by Bud Weckesser. But he had written some notes on the ad, notes the kind of which I had never seen before on anyone's copy. I was puzzled and wasn't sure what they meant. I knew Bud was a communications genius, a professor at Universities.

But these notes were way out in left field.

He had written these words over the ads: Oxytocin/Empathy. Dopamine/Anticipation. And at the start of the ad it looked like, "if they accept this definition, they buy" as best as I could read it. He liked to scribble and so I won't swear to what was written.

Now this ad was in an archive section in the basement, along with ads from 20 years prior and CASSETTE tapes Bud had made on mailorder. Most of these were copies of copies, kept separate from the upstairs archives.

Now I've been a student, albeit a casual one, of neuroscience and brain chemistry for many years and was familar with the chemicals, heck, we've talked about them here before in relation to Frank Rudolph Young.

And I consider myself to be knowledgable about Copywriting and salesmanship in print since it has been a life long course of study. But I've never connected the dots (up til then) about what was happening in my prospect's brain from a more chemical/scientific approach.

I knew that metaphors and story telling were ideal ways to get inside the head of your prospect, yet I never really considered what the chemisty was while they were reading/hearing/seeing the promotions.

Bud Weckesser apparently knew and considered this and perhaps it was one element which made him so successful.

The ad had sold millions of dollars worth of a book, had made the author, whom Dien and I met and had dinner with, a writer who made nearly a million dollars in royalties.

NOW, after analyzing it in traditional ways, I saw how it was more "constructed" than I originally thought. It was planned.

Sure, most great copy elicits emotions, and gets a reaction but I have never seen anyone talk or teach about what chemicals were being released in the prospect's mind to get them to the buying point, I was aware of the FEELINGS, but not the underlying reasons why those feelings were evoked.

Blair Warren teaches in his amazing classic, THE FORBIDDEN KEYS, a concept of:

Get them to accept your definition of the problem and then it is easier to get them to accept your solution.

Well, Bud Weckesser obviously knew this and used metaphors and story telling to do it.

Now, for some practical understanding. Glenn Osborn is a NLP master. He has worked with some of the brightest minds in marketing.

The reason why a big red nose gets positive attention, is due to the laughter and the release of endorphins and especially dopamine in the brain.

The reason why giving out scratch off lottery tickets is so effective, is it breaks the daily mundane, where just below the surface most people have anxiety waiting for them, the anxiety is at the ready to be brought to conscious awarenesss at any given unoccupied moment of thought.

The sudden gift, releases dopamine, and anticipation builds up and when it is a part of an ongoing strategy, well as you are reading, the results can be astounding.

This may seem too advanced for those of you who just want to make some extra money, but I will say this, if you take some time to understand WHY these things work, be they a cartoon in an ad, or a metaphor, or a scratch off lottery ticket.

Your understanding will be a foundation you can build a framework around and it will help you to focus on becoming more efficient, effective and essentially a more profitable marketer.


PS. If anyone wants a link to the ad, shoot me an email, I'll send you a link. Also, mind chemistry is much more complicated than this over simplification, but it is useful when trying to persuade someone or influence them to get to know why their state of mind is important and any little nudge in that direction may be the tipping point.

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