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June 11, 2018, 11:21 AM
Effort being the operative word here.

Let's talk about reality. Part-time, 25-30 hours a week, to NET a thousand bux. Is it doable? Absolutely.

In a 1001 ways. But, today, I want to focus on ONE, tested, proven, tried, PERFECTED way to cash in on an EVERGREEN market, which spends money and is a product they MUST have. OK?

To the chase: Businesses need customers. New ones. Repeat ones. Getting them customers has been a way to make money for centuries, via advertising and promotions.

Today, it might be called OFF LINE marketing.

MOST businesses are open to the idea of getting more customers IF, if it works, and is cost effective, i.e., profitable for them.

On this forum for the last 2 decades (almost) we've seen and discussed a variety of ideas, most related to ADVERTISING for businesses...on menus, on mugs, on daily special boards, on placemats, on pizza boxes, on bags, on hats, t-shirts...

and on POSTCARDS. Which is my topic of the day. Ever since EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) came into existence, there have been 1001 courses on how to profit from them, some decent, others horrific.

I've talked with dozens of people all over the country doing some form of EDDM, and many with the giant 9x12, which was popular some time back due to some good promotions by print brokers.

Finding people who have done it, and done it successfully is getting harder by the day.

I've been personally involved in many POSTCARD concepts, not only EDDM but also regular post cards. Some really old timers might recall when I won a contest sponsored by Paul Hartunian, the guy who sold the Brooklyn Bridge. I've had several successful postcards, long before EDDM came about.

The appeal of EDDM is a business can TARGET a very small area, like in the case of a pizza shop here in the Falls, most shops west of the river do not deliver to the east side, and vice versa.

When EDDM and the whole 9 x 12 crowd came out in force, they were selling 12 to 18 ads and doing a lot of running around (some still are).

But you want the real inside secret to a 1000 bux a week for part-time efforts?

Think smaller. The whole advertising industry is based on EYEBALLS, from newspapers to magazines it is about circulation. In radio/TV it is listeners and viewers. Online it is about followers, likes, NUMBERS.

Guess what? BS. I listened to a guy make a phone call to a pizza shop half way across the country, and he told the pizza shop owner he could get a 5% response from mailing out 10,000 cards. That would be 500 new customers. I called BS the moment I heard it, and knew it was hype.

Today, these hypsters have learned NOT to give any numbers on how many coupons, or offers on EDDM will be returned, they've learned that lesson...however, they still try to get 5,000 to 10,000 cards in the mail.

You can easily make 1000 bux a week mailing out less than 2500 cards.

That is the REALITY. And you do it with just 6 ads, or with 8 ads when you use a host.

It is, however, not for everyone, the success depends on getting out and seeing people and knowing that MANY business people are clueless about business in general and in advertising in particular. But if you get them on a card that works, the repeat business is well worth the effort.

So there you go. $1,000.00 a week. Part-time effort. Tested and proven.

Need a quick grand in your pocket?

Give EDDM postcard marketing a try!!


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