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July 15, 2018, 11:45 AM
Step One. Choose your TARGET. This represents your potential customers. You are looking for one, like finding Waldo inthe books.

You want the one person to BUY.
Where are they in the crowd?
What are they looking for?
What can you do for them?
What is it you have they might want?

Once you know who you want for a customer, then you have to know what they want, and WHERE to find them.

Who is your ideal customer?

Example: Every Sunday I get a couple of newsletters or emails from people who I signed up to receive their stuff. One guy is an expert on an OLD (as in early 1900's) guru of Manifestation. He has, over the years become THE expert on this man's writings.

His 'guru', is just one of a few dozen of people from that same era, teaching pretty much the same thing. I liked William Walker Atkinson (WWA) , whom I encountered via his work in 1965.

Anyhooo, say I wanted to create a product(s) around WWA, so I would take step one, and use my white board and in the center put my little stick figure of WWA. Then GOOGLE him. First page, wikipedia.

At the wiki page, I hit the "Part of a series of articles on" and then the CATEGORIES, and see: New Thought, Beliefs, etc. each a link to other wiki articles. It doesn't take me long to see the NICHE.

LOA, law of attraction, new thought, manifestation. So, having these on my whiteboard, I head over to Amazon.

Search for WWA, and hit all the books, links on the first page, and let's look at my first thing: THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WWA.

Now, on that page, you will see two things of importance to your niche searches: 1) Other items customers BUY. See that word, BUY. It is featured in Step One. You want to find buyers, eh?

2) Sponsored products. Listen, the Bezos logarithm for giving someone chances to spend money, is hard to beat. You will be served up things which people are buying.

OK, see this is all PRE decision, finding A BUYER. So, in this case, I'm working in the LOA, New Thought and Manifestation Markets. So I may want to niche it down, I'm in the business market, so his THOUGHT FORCE IN BUSINESS might be the best place to look for OTHER ideas.

All told maybe 20 minutes on searching and writing on my White Board. It won't take me long to run across Charles Haanel, and then Napoleon Hill.

Now we've drilled down to the niches. Back to wiki and Napoleon Hill. There is a FACEBOOK group of 10,000 members for NH. TAGR. There is an LOA, law of attraction group with 62 thousand members.

All of this "market research" in about 40 minutes, and I have found that people are BUYING information. They are joining groups. I have found my TARGET.

Now, pay attention, here's my next SECRET step.

I go to eBay. Type in Law of Attraction. When it comes up I scroll down to SOLD LISTINGS, then when that comes up, I sort by PRICE-HIGHEST FIRST.

I'm looking for BUYERS. See?

I see a lot of DAILY PLANNERS sold, at around 35 bux, a lot of profit in selling pages.

So on my white board, I may have daily planners, how CAN I add value.

What if I created a PERSONALIZED edition, made one off for a given person, with engraved name on cover, special days, maybe some Sun sign info, some customized chants or mantras?

So, now I have a fairly decent avatar.

My product will be a one of a kind, printed on demand, calendar for someone interested in Law of Attraction. They can be found in groups. They buy books and courses, jewelry and planners, and all kinds of things. I know there are

BUYERS, which is what Step one is all about. TARGET=BUYERS.

Next thing, I go to Google, put in law of attraction/then shopping, and see what they have for sale. For this exercise, I put in a price filter, 30 to 50 bux, the price range of the planners already being sold on eBay.

Now I see a lot of clothing too as well as books and jewelry. Could I create a Tee shirt, do a one off and make a buck? Just ideas on the White Board.

You can use this process for almost any idea you have, or are thinking about to see if you can locate BUYERS.

OK, next up, STEP TWO, THE INTERSECTION, although you saw some in the above example, Facebook Groups, eBay, Google Shopping and Amazon books/kindle (maybe you can create a Kindle book for the niche, or even a planner and let them print out their own??).


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